Jersey Shore: The Rage Returns, Boils Over

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The Jersey Shore cast is always a bunch that knows how to drink, hook up and exchange some heated words. At the end of the day, though, they remain a family.

Not this week.

Tension between two Jersey Shore cast members boiled over to the point of no return last night. A fight erupted as the culmination of a feud building for some time.

At issue, of course, was Ron and Sam's relationship, and The Situation's involvement therein. It certainly provided us many developments and quotes to talk about.

Follow the link for THG's complete Jersey Shore recap!

Jersey Shore Cast in Season 4
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they are arseholes..


You are a loser for commenting on an article about a show you don't watch. Apparently you have nothing better to do....sad.


Does nobody have anything better to do than watch this show? These losers get money and fame because of your ignorance.