Necessary Roughness Review: The End of a Parasite

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Necessary Roughness sent Laura and Laz packing and TK back to Dani this week. Best of all, "Forget Me Not" finally delivered a patient of the week story I enjoyed.

I liked Tallis. The tough chick with the knock out punch was being terrorized by an event that took place when she was three. It was a shame that it took her mom so long to fill in the blanks for her, but I suppose I could understand wanting to keep her abusive relationship in the past. Unfortunately, you can't outrun such a thing. You can only face it down.

Lindsay and Ray Jr.

Dani's kids turned into amateur stalkers on the installment, as Lindsey bet her brother that JD was more than mom's friend. Lindsey won. Yippee. The poor girl looked like she'd have preferred to pay up. Do these kids know that their father was a chronic cheater? Even so, it's still hard to watch your parents move on.

As for JD, I still didn't like him. He's writing a book on monkey sex? Seriously? That's not a selling point. JD was just this side of sleazy and I'll be happy when he follows Laura out the door.

Speaking of Laura, I'm sure she felt as though she was helping Matt's career and their relationship, but all Matt felt was manipulated. I didn't love Laura, I didn't hate her. She just seemed to take up space and had little chemistry with Matt.

Of course, Laura did manage to keep Matt and Dani apart long enough for Dani to find JD and, for that, I like her even less.

Elsewhere, TK finally saw the light when Laz drop kicked his childhood idol to the curb when he couldn't pay his bill. It took him long enough, but at least when he witnessed Laz's true colors he called him on it:

You know what's unattractive? A parasite with fresh blood on his face. | permalink

And so Nico escorted TK back to Dani's doorstep. Does anyone on this team understand office hours? I hope she charges them extra for all of the late night visits.

My only complaint was that I wanted more of Nico... but I could say that almost every week. I've got my fingers crossed for next time.


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Yes Dani should be with Nico.


Starting out, I wasn't sure I was going to like this show. Now, it has become one of my favorites. Dani is fun - while some consider Nico too sly - I think his character is perfect for the show and his role. He seems to be a nice guy, acting like a bad guy. I can do without both of those kids, especially the girl. How many times have we seen the pouty, rebellious teenager - too many times. I don't care much for JD - or his look - I won't be surprised if he turns out to be someone other than who he's portraying. Nico and Dani - don't think that will happen - I'm a fan of Matt and Dani, although Matt's decision to date Laura wasn't the brightest - very happy to see her go. I've never witnessed so much non-chemistry on TV. It's a good thing, TK found out that the team is willing to do without him and he can't just create his own rules. But, we know TK and I'm sure he has more lessons to learn. I'm hoping Laz tries to make a reappearance and he really gets read the riot act and that he knows for sure that he has been outed to everyone - what a creep! Good show - keep up the great writing!


Am I crazy? I want Dani and Nico to get together. I think they'd be great together. She'd lighten him up And he'd give her someone to lean on when she needed it. Course they'll never do that. It's not in the tv show Formula.


Personally, I think they should do an entire episode centered around Nico.......there is no such thing as 'too much Nico'!


I love all things Nico, so I am glad to see him and Dani interacting again. TK finally came to his senses, which is great, but lets hope he can hold on to them. I couldn't believe when Lindsey asked her mom how she could forget about their dad so fast. I yelled at the screen, "He cheated on your mom!". But I guess kids are like that when their parents are divorced.


I loved the wink! Made the whole show for me - I'm pulling for a real Dani/Nico moment before the season ends!


Nico (what little we saw of him) was awesome in this episode. His shady, manipulative side and protective side were perfectly balanced in the scene where he let Matt know about Laura's job offer; and the way he handled TK from start to finish (warning him, making him face the consequences of his actions, and taking him to Dani) showed off his paternal side nicely. Matt and Dani have an easy, breezy chemistry but I'm all about Nico and Dani!


I admit I like Nico more when it comes to our options for Dani, but regardless I too think JD is a bit sleazy. Also, I knew Laura was short-lived, but I am not thrilled with Matt coming back into play. He scored no points with me when he pushed Dani to compromise her therapeutic principles. She needed to do what she did with TK to be effective and ethical, and Matt started out supporting her position, but as soon as it caused him trouble, it was all about him. As for Nico, I suspect he checked up on Laura because Pittman got wind of Matt's job offer, and I don't think it was out of bounds for Nico to do so. He's not nosy, and I doubt he cares about Matt's well-being particularly, so doing it on his own doesn’t seem likely. However, I am not sure TK was right when he said that Nico was just collecting a paycheck with regards to him; Nico seems to have a protective streak when it comes to children, whether they are actually children or people with whom he has to take a sort of parental role. Sure, Nico didn't deny it, but he wouldn't because it wouldn't fit with his image, which he depends on.


This episode was okay for me, but not my favorite. I liked the departures of Laz and Laura, they served their purposes and now we can proceed forward. While I like Nico, he is kind of starting to creep on me a little bit. Is it really his business to tell Matt about Laura's job offer in San Fran? What's next, is he going to investigate JD? JD is not a bad guy, though I think he needs to comb his hair. I like him with Dani better than Matt. While I like Matt, I think Dani needs someone older, more mature in her life. Nico would be an option if he wasn't so shady. I had to agree with TK when he said that Nico didn't really care about him so much as a paycheck (I paraphrased it). How far would Nico go for the owner?



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