New Grey's Anatomy Love Triangle in the Works?

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It's not exactly a new triangle, as Mark's feelings for Lexie are well-documented, but things are about to get a lot more complicated regarding her new relationship.

Shonda Rhimes tells TV Line that the Mark-Lexie love connection is "far from over," despite the fact that last season ended with Mark endorsing Lexie and Jackson.

“It’s going to [remain] a viable triangle,” the Grey’s Anatomy creator says.

Reunion at Joe's

Back before the tables turned.

“Mark is trying to move on from Lexie, but at the same time, there’s inherent comedy there, especially as Jackson tries to pursue a career in plastics," she adds.

Plastics being Mark's specialty. Think he'll be abusing his power over Jackson much? We've already seen what he's capable of ... and it's always entertaining!

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Team Jackson/Lexie. It's just sad that the have little screentime thus people saying they are just for sex. C'mon. How did Mark and Lexie started? Teach me. I think that JL got most hot scenes only for now because they are yeah, hot. Maybe I'm biased but Jesse/Chyler and Eric/Sara (who had loads of hot scenes before) works better. Shonda likes Sexy that's why the latter couple still exists.


I could see Lexie and Avery living together when Mer's house is sold. But I think Avery will feel threated by Lexie's feelings for Mark in S8.


M/L is the real deal for me, J/L is just about sex


YES!!! MARK and LEXIE TOGHETHER! Theyre my favorite coupple on the show! Thanks! I love them!!!!


Lexie and Jackson ae a MUCH better fit. NO MORE Mark and Lexie! It's just wrong on so many levels. Noone would put up with that and there's more chemistry with Lexie and Jackson.


Ok thanks GAfan. I do hope we are getting Slexie, I really do. SR Tweeted to us fans about having 87% chance of getting them back. I just don't understand the percentage


ILoveSlexie; I saw the article in the British version of a Nationally Enquring magazine a few weeks ago. It was saying that some senior cast members thought the return of Slexie would boost GA for S9 and beyond. But this magazine seems to run a yearly rehash of the plotlines before the new season of GA starts. Some of their facts make me wonder if they've even watched GA, or just read press releases.


This is great news! Mark and Lexie are my favorite couple in the show!! Jackson is great eye cady but give me Mark and Lexie any day. Hopefully this season this couple get develop more. I feel that they spend more 'off' time than 'on' time. I want to see Mark and Lexie give each other some TLC.


I don't care much for the storyline. As long as it doesn't take up too much screen time. I really hope Shonda sticks with her statement that this season will focus on the original cast members. But I understand that she will have to give Lexie a solid storyline this season, in case that Ellen Pompeo leaves next season.


Mark is acute angle in that love triangle.Lexie is a dull one.
(We can see that on the photo in litteral sense)

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