Nikita Season 2: First Footage!

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Katheryn Winnick will appear this fall as Nikita's former partner, the woman she left behind years ago when escaping the clutches of Division.

But that's merely the second biggest Nikita scoop of the week!

The CW has released a new trailer for season two, one that delivers our first actual footage from this fall's new (Friday) episodes. Among the quick scenes depicted below: Percy is angry, Amanda is suspicious, Michael is vengeful... and Nikita and Alex are seriously NOT getting along.

Nikita returns on September 23. You can exhale now.


I hope Nikita trashes that skank Alex! I cant stand Alex please kill her off in season 2. Alex has way to many scenes, shes on screen more than Nikita sometimes whats up with that??


I just love the show,and wants to see blirkoff on the field.Alex should not betray nikita.


i hope that they will work together as a team again... i really love maggie q:)


I´m sick of Alex... the show´s name is NIKITA!!!!!
I want to see more Amanda, she´s awesome.
Who is Percy talking to in the video? Is it Alez or Amanda?


really looking foward to this season, mostly looking foward to see AMANDA and what shes going to bring to division this time, as kat said I too want to see a amanda and nikita showdown!!


why doesnt it play the trailer right?? its skipping and green?


No offense, but I REALLY hope Nikita kicks Alex's butt this season. She deserves it.


Hope Alex beats Nikita this season. Team Alex


It's just a great show! I love the way they do things ! All these secrets all that manipulating, juat funny and great! Lyndsey is a great actress and knows how to play this 2 sides of her character(the fighting bitch and the ordinary human!)! I hope they shake a little bit relationship between Michael and Nikita cause there should be a lot of tension! And we NEED MORE AMANDA, beside Nikita vs Alex I would love to see Nikita vs Amanda fist fight!
Only a month away!


I love this show.:) That ungrateful little snot, Alex. After all Nikita's done for her.

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Nikita Quotes

Nice. Awkward. Girls like awkward. Makes them feel special.


Percy: At least one good thing came out of this: now you know who your real friends are.

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