Oona Chaplin Cast on Game of Thrones

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Oona Chaplin, the granddaughter of silent film legend Charlie Chaplin, has landed a role on Game of Thrones. The only question now: Which role?

The actress told Great Britain's The Telegraph that she will appear on season two as Jeyne, but there are multiple characters by that name in the George R. R. Martin's series. Fans are familiar with Jeyne, Sansa Stark's best friend, as well as Jeyne, the friend of another of Eddard Stark’s children.

Oona Chaplin Pic

Chaplin will also star in The BBC's well-reviewed The Hour, which premieres on August 17.

She joins a long list of season two guest stars on the HBO hit, the most recent of which is Robert Pugh as Craster.


jose pnlrugtakee tambien si nos puede mandar al foro una foto de ella en picardias, esque esta muy buena.


Ugggghhhh too long to wait I love this show its one of my new faves!!! It never ceases to surprise me I'm looking forward to new characters also

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