Pretty Little Liars Finale Spoilers: The Returns Of...

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More information has spilled out regarding tomorrow night's midseason finale of Pretty Little Liars.

In a general, intriguing tease, creator Marlene King tells TV Guide: "Viewers will feel they're getting insight into the night Alison disappeared and who killed Alison."

In the Police Station

And they'll get that insight int a unique fashion: the episode begins at the end, with the girls inside a police station interrogation room. We'll then be taken back over the events that landed them there.

Among other tidbits relayed by King:
  • Caleb will return (you'll see him and Hanna "happy for awhile," King says), as will Officer Darren Wilden, who is teased in this clip. "He regains credibility on the Rosewood police force in the finale," King previews."
  • What happened to Dr. Sullivan? Nothing good, King warns: "Spencer's line about the last time somebody thought she knew A she got hit by a car is very telling."
  • Hanna's dad will get hitched...
  • ... and A will play a role in the marriage? Teasing the concept of A as a "frenemy," King says: "The last thing Hanna wants is her dad to marry Isabel and in a very odd twist of fate, A may help her with that."

Return to TV Fanatic tomorrow night for a full rundown of the Pretty Little Liars summer finale!


omg who is a does anybody know


i wonder Why did Aria cry? who's she calling? was that Ezra? Lucy mentioned on Ryan Seacrest that somebody would die in the finale. who? Dr. Sullivan? dying to know, can't wait to see the episode 29.


I am estatic that it will start in a interoggation room. It would then leave people wondering how they got there but then how will they end the midseason finale.


i got a idea who a is


I say they should drop all this "frenemy" things and just concentrate on making "A" as evil as it's possible in a TV show. Serena and Blair are "frenemy". A and The Liars? Not even close.

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