Pretty Little Liars Midseason Finale Clips: Who's in Charge?

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Is a man at the police station looking to take down the Pretty Little Liars?

No, not Garrett. At least, not just Garrett.

In one of the following three sneak peeks from the summer finale, we only see the mouth of a detective who is staring in at the (dirty?!?) quartet of girls, all of whom are remaining quiet and looking sullen while sitting inside the interrogation room. What has brought them here? Why are they considered guilty?

Elsewhere, Toby questions Spencer about her dad and the Liars seek out Dr. Sullivan. Watch these clips below and visit our Pretty Little Liars spoilers section for a glance into 2012.

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wow . this episode is gonna be good.
btw a is ezra


One of the things I noticed while rewatching the last episode is the birthdate of the person that Dr. Sullivan thinks is A--well, it's the birthdate that was on the file with the blue sticky-note over the person's name. The date is 1994, which makes our 'suspect' 17 or so, pretty much eliminating the older 'kids' or adults like Garrett.


I think the mysterious detective is that man Darren Wilden. We already knew he would be back this episode.


more vids on youtube!


ok i just got finished reading the second book of pll last nite. nd at the end of the book there was a note from A saying spencer my have a gpa of a 4.0 but your not genuis enough to figure out who i am yet. but rember my name has A's 2. which means....4 people r A....jennA....gArret...jAson...monA. oh and one other thing emiLy+arIa+hannA+spenceR=LIAR


we can see in the preview for the ep! Em is coming later into the examination room!! How i get it: the girls try to rescue Em and the do it, but A tells them to Dig so they can rescue Sullivan!
It seems like the coop thinks that the girls killes Alison cause now they have a proof! So it will be interesting to find out what this coop wants!


Damn typos. What if the girls are accused of having something to do with Emily's disappearance? (If that is an issue at all...)
And now the police thinks they did the exact same thing to Alison before?


Question here is, where is Emily??
The preview shoved her fainting, dreaming of Alison, being in some kind of shed. Looks dangerous to me. Another hospital visit for Em?


@Em his names Darren Wilden....i was wondering where he went! glad he's back..ready to stir up some more trouble!


so the mysterious detective is the one from the first season who had a lot of issues with hanna...i can't remember his name


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