Pretty Little Liars "Picture This" Sneak Peeks: Hot Ezria Action!

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Hot. Ezria. Action.

Those three words ought to be enough to attract Pretty Little Liars fans to the following clips. All courtesy of Tuesday's "Picture This," they feature...

  • Aria seducing her man.
  • Caleb opening up to Hanna.
  • Spencer spying on Jason.
  • Jenna recovering from an operation for her sight.

Get excited for the upcoming installment via these sneak peeks now:

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Anna maria

ohh Hannah and Caleb are soo cuute!


where can I see that canadian promo? I'm portuguese, is difficult... and I have to disagree about one comment. I'm not a teenager too and I love Ezria! 'cause it's a genuine feeling, I love his personality and the poem... well it shows so much of what he feels. You don't have to put things that way if you don't like it. I think many people have different experiences and, among with that, cames a sensibility to other things, or a identification with a couple. It's my case. I loved a man who was older than me and it was kinda impossible. I also like Hanna and Caleb. Can't wait to see tomorrow!


Sorry....I'm sticking to my guns....I DO NOT like Aria and Ezra. I'm not a teenager so maybe it is the reason....the whole relationship just creeps me out.


if u see both the promos and all the clips basically what happens is that its a dream that aria has with her and jason .. because she tells spencer and co.. i wish it was someother nightmare like spiders or something... so probabaly she gets scared that she is having those dreams about jason and before she does anything stupid with him she goes to ezra.. im all for both couples LOL ..


Don't mind me but I can't help thinking Aria is like that because she's guilty of what she did w Jason (canada promo). Idk, maybe not but I just can't help but think that. I'm all for ezria & hate jaria ttm, but after the past few eps w Aria being kinda cold to Ezra imo, I just think Aria is guilty, thus she did that. Could be wrong though, we just have to watch. It's just weird that she suddenly wants to be all over Ezra.


I just love the Ezria scene and all the others but I keep replaying the Ezria scene.


I can't stop watching that Ezria clip. They are hot, hot, hot. And that scene had better keep going when the whole episode airs Tuesday!


anybody see the canada promo? it looks like aria and jason do a lot more than just kiss.


It depends what the damage was to her eyes, if they were burnt it could be an eye transplant, or if you the blindness was caused by swelling on the brain or optical nerve it could be repairable. its most likely an eye transplant as they are quite common operations these days, but sometime they dont work like any other transplant.


Ezria are so hot. To all of you who are jumping ship to jaria, dont, he is just a bump in a road.

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