Pretty Little Liars Teasers: Are You on Team Jason?

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Is Jason a bad guy? What the heck is on page five of Alison's police file? And was she really buried alive?!?

These questions and more were raised on the latest installment of Pretty Little Liars, reviewed in depth on TV Fanatic HERE.

What can fans expect from next Tuesday's "Make It Stick?" A focus on Jason DiLaurentis, at least according to the following two promos. One is Canadian. One is American. Both are buzz worthy...


Tbh, I much prefer Ezra. Not only is he the nicer, he also stuck his neck on the line to be with Aria and shes just going to throw that away? + also, Ian Harding is a much better actor. If they get rid of Ezra im going to be so disapointed in the show. :*


Hey Sa'eeda! he is not her teacher anymore and they are legally allowed to date each other.


TEAM EZRA. jason is such a creep and ruins everything. ezra has always been there for aria and is so much more mature. this whole going after the "suspicious boy" is getting old; first it was toby, then calib (who both ended up being good)...there's no way jasons good, they cant have another identical story line about the poor misunderstood "bad" boy.


Dating your *high school* teacher is creeeepy and wrong! ezra and aria should have walked away in pilot. At least Jason has a chance to date aria through the front door!! Also ezra is cheesy. If Jason brings out aria's personality, then im for him! He's cute, athletic, and daring. It looks like they could have a lot of fun together and a lot less awkward staring contests then Ezria. seriously Aria is like bambi with him. Go Jaria!!!


TEAM EZRA ALL THE WAY. c'mon, jason is creepy & such a perv as we can all now see. why would we want aria w someone like that. obv ezra is a much better choice, hello? way more good looking. jason ruins everything, i wish they'd cut him off the show soon. so pissed w aria & next ep & what nots. how can aria kiss jason & are they fooling around/gonna have sex? wth? how can she cheat on ezra. heartbreak. yeah dramatic, but it's true. i'll drop this show like a hot potato like what i did w tvd (because delena kissed & season 3 gonna have delena drama) if ezria ever ended because of jason.


Team Jason definitely ... i like Ezra too but Aria and Ezra together is getting boring same 'ol thing .. secretly seeing each other

Rhianna speranzo

okay i like everything with jason and i love aria but i would completely hate her if she cheated on ezra. thats just horrible. Unless they break up i cant be on team jason it just wouldnt be fair to ezra. Maybe itll all just be a dream, even though those stalker pics prove otherwise :P


EZRA. EZRA. EZRA. I don't mind Jason, I guess, but I like Ezria so much more. That's probably my love for Ian Harding talking though... :)


I am totally Team Ezra and will be until the end.


Team Jason! I'm team anyone-but-Ezra really. Ezra's nice but, I don't know, I find him and Aria so boring together. And he was her teacher. It's just a little weird.

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