Ricky Gervais to Voice New Character on Family Guy

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Ricky Gervais is headed to Family Guy, for more than just a one-episode appearance.

The actor, who told London's The Daily Telegraph that the Fox hit is his favorite show, will come on board for a full season a Billy Flinn, a dolphin who moves in to Quahog.

Ricky Gervais as Host

"I watch two a night and I'm slightly obsessed," Gervais, who created the British version of The Office said. "When Seth McFarlane phoned me out of the blue and said he was a huge fan. I was delighted. It was such a joy working with the team and I really like the way my character looks too."

No word yet on when Billy debuts or why he swims to Rhode Island.


See I never liked the office. Most of it's characters are just bland. It's like SNL before they finally got their shit together recently after those fools tossed their all star cast. Sometimes you'll find something funny but other then that unless you find stupid awkward moments funny that's it.


this genius of a man created THE office not just the British version! This is gonna be the best thing that has ever happened to family guy!

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