Sam Who? Glee Finds Mercedes a New Man

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Sorry, Sam. You've given Mercedes no choice but to move on.

With the confirmation that Chord Overstreet will not return to Glee next season, the show has been forced to scrap the Sam/Mercedes romance it teased on the season two finale and bring on board a new love interest for Amber Riley's character:

A William McKinley linebacker named Marcus. According to Fox sources, he'll be played by former Friday Night Lights recurring player, LaMarcus Tinker. Can you guess which one he is in the picture below?


in my opinion a think it's great that mercedes got a boyfriend in glee because what was about boyfriend and so far she didnt have and all the others did had at least a relationship, for me mercedes is one of the best characters in glee and seen that picture of the guy..mercedes deserved a better one. but well i can't get in into that cus is glee's choice.


Why should Mercedes even get a storyline? Focus on Brit, Santana, Kurt and Blaine, that should do it. :) I don't like Mercedes AT ALL, she should just get off the show already. And the guy's perfect for Mercedes, nobody bought that whole "Sam is into a fat girl after being with Quinn" stuff anyways.


From Sam to this...downgrade. I hope he at least has an amazing personality. If not, then this will be a fail in my opinion...


Mercedes can do better than that... Just saying. Shoot hire Corbin Bleu, he can sing and he's cute. Problem solved.


Just want to make clear I only found the character's NAME cliché for what he is.
If he'd been cast with a regular name (like Paul or John or summat) I'd have had no opinion (not knowing what the character was like).
Calling him 'Bubba' (initially) and then casting that particular actor was cliché. Like it or not, the name has connotations and evokes a certain image of a person. Sad but true.
We know nothing of the character so can only speculate as to what he'll bring to the show.
I'm sad we don't get to see 'Samcedes' (it was the only part of the Finale episode I squeed at and was genuinely excited for) but hopefully this chap will treat Mercedes as well as Sam would have, given the chance. :)


If you look back at the pilot episode, [in THAT episode] everything about Mercedes is a cliché (or stereotype) -- and it's not the character we love after 2 seasons of development. I still might conjecture that if a show wants positive lessons/themes on diversity and they're putting together a writing staff, I can't imagine it would be harmful if the staff was diverse. If it's bad form to wonder specifically whether the experiences of the writer/producers doesn't include a Mercedes or bad form to then wonder in general if it doesn't take a member of each minority to suggest story threads that show the desired diversity, I apologize for my bad form in wondering aloud, then, to those offended. The plot threads for Mercedes have all seemed to be about her wanting to be the star once in awhile (and that's both natural and believable with Rachel around). Examples would be, say, the Rocky Horror episode where she takes the lead for that reason and the "Night of Neglect" where she does a wonderful job of trying to be a prima dona when she's deep-down-nice Mercedes, as well as the depth of character displayed in the first season finale with how she worked hard on and won the competition for the solo, which she gave up (in the green room) because she didn't have anything else prepared. Otherwise, in episode after episode, and in the process creating a unique character, her role has been to be every-single-one-of-the-other-character's friend, whether it's giving Quinn a place to stay, holding back Santana when she didn't win the duet competition, having a sleepover with Kurt and Rachel, or leading the whole school in "Beautiful". This actress has made the most of the opportunities she's had ... and she ought to have some more story threads (before they graduate her). Whenever I talk about plot and character for "Glee!" I'm aware it's a musical and the writing for musicals works around the singing and dancing and you really have to suspend belief (like "There's No Business Like Show Business" was just on Cleveland TV and in it all the characters fight with and disappear on each other ... but then all just show up back stage at the end to sing the title song -- and you can sort of imagine how and why they come together and all is forgotten and forgiven, but mostly because you want to because it feels nice).


Wow. The blatant racism is ridiculous.


I wonder if there is a black writer on the new writing staff hires. That is, I wonder if they originally figured on hiring one black as a token -- and Mercedes easily qualified for and got the role ... but then nothing else was ever figured for her because the writers/producers own experiences helped them create the whole concept and gave them lots to say concerning Kurt and bullying, but they don't relate to her and now she's become one of the popular characters!


I'm in concurrence with Sez. I wasn't fond of the nickname "Bubba" and the like. I also hope that they make Mercedes happy and that they develop her character since she tends to be unfairly shoved in the background and the girl deserves more. She has the chops, she has the talent, she has a strong character, and her character interacts well with the other characters so there is no excuse for her to fall by the wayside in writing and screentime. I've heard promises of more for her so in that sense I'm really looking forward to the upcoming season to see the character development for other characters outside of the "main" ones. I look forward to Mercedes in a relationship and though I haven't seen FNL I'm sure this fellow is talented and I respect him and the oppourtunity he's being granted. I'm still reeling from Sam no longer being on the show though. It's hard to tease the audience with such an unorthodox and wildly intriguing pairing and then never get the chance to see it come to frutation. I was looking forward to the focusing and addressing an interracial pairing. Mercedes and Puck barely appeared to be a couple in that one episode and the only other example of that is Santana and her host of relationships with white guys and girls, and the short lived Artie and Tina. I just think it would have been something nice to see for a change instead of pairing Mercedes up with a heavy set black guy. I'm sure they'll have their differences but I enjoyed the exploration of such contrasts that the Sam and Mercedes storyline would have presented.

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