Teen Wolf Season Finale Review: Want The Bite?

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The strange and exciting first season of Teen Wolf ended with a finale equally as strange and even more exciting.  

"Code Breaker" was filled with suspense, action, some romance and a few unlikely heroes. It answered a bunch of questions, but left us asking twice as many by the time everything was said and done. As we await next summer, here are a few of my burning questions:

Derek vs. Scott

1. Did Derek put any real thought into letting Scott kill the Alpha? If not, is this still the same guy that we all grew to love throughout the season? Even if he becomes less sincere as the new Alpha, Derek will always be the coolest dude on the block. I mean, did you see him channel his inner Rufio as he staked his claim as the new Alpha?

2. Does Derek killing the Alpha truly mean that Scott has no chance of being cured? Is the point of the show simply going to be that Scott can make in this world as a werewolf? Or will we soon find out that there is another way to un-wolf yourself? If Allison is willing to love him and all of his hairy face, what's the difference really?

3. What will happen to Jackson after Derek ate his face off? I don't see him dying as a likely outcome, but who knows if Derek can control himself now that he has all of those Alpha powers? I'm sure he will just become part of the pack with Alpha Derek and Scotty. That should create some interesting dynamics.

4. Now what about little miss Lydia? She's not a werewolf, but she's not dying from the bite... interesting. I have no guesses as to what that means, but I'm sure it will be something exciting for season two.

While the finale left us with plenty of questions, it also answered a few, and brought some interesting closure to the first season.

Stiles is a wimpy nerd, but he is also a pretty big stud. When placed face to face with the alpha, and given every reason in the world to accept "the bite," he stone cold turned it down. Now that is a kid who doesn't need to worry about peers pressuring him into drinking or drugs. On top of all that, he came in and helped take down the Alpha with those fire bombs. He never once surfed on top of a van, but he certainly had a great season.

There was a method to the Alpha's madness, as he was killing everyone who had something to do with burning his family six years ago. I was even almost ready to be okay with his actions, and certainly was excited when he destroyed Kate like that... but when he went after Allison for no reason? He lost all credibility.

Kate deserved it, but who would have thought that Chris was going to be the one to save the day? I pegged him as the main villain at the beginning, so it was a pleasant surprise to watch him come to his senses and criticize his sister for breaking "the code." It definitely helps the series at this point to find out that these hunters do in fact have some sort of code. If they were just killing any and every werewolf they found, it would get increasingly more difficult to have a show.

Season two could go in a number of ways, but with Derek as the Alpha, Jackson and Lydia with possible supernatural futures, Allison finally knowing Scott's deal, and Chris's final discussion with his wife, we may all be in for a whole lot of fun. I'll be looking forward to the next installment of this MTV series. How about all of you?


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hi hello Teen wolf what is your Email mail addressa from Darla


So I watched the entire season this past weekend...it is kind of weird to watch a show like this and not read recaps just to double check your feelings. I think if there is anything I am confident about is that Derek is not the big bad next season, I am going to guess most of the first episode or two is him totally reveling in his new power but ultimately I am still with the first thing he really told Scott, that they are brothers now and either something with Scott or, and here I am not too confident, Lydia will bring him back to the Derek we know and love (but other than turning the blonde in the previews and whatever he did to Jackson, that will be the worse he does). I am curious what school of Omega mythology they will be following...like the loner wolf, bottom of the pack, outcast wolf, it which case, that seems clear that Jackson is it (I will also buy that because of whoever his birth parents are that he might be capable of surviving the bite, but can't turn and might just be the 'abomination' that is referred to in the trailer, though I will guess we will think it is Lydia for much of the season). But if they are doing the version where the Omega is the opposite of the Alpha and the one to provide some balance in the pack and can control the wolf part of the pack, I would say that is what happened to Lydia (some of that part of the mythology is that it is a woman and she doesn't have a wolf side and will be the go between so the Alpha never loses face and none of the Betas feel left out).


I'm still wondering about jackson becouase when they was all traped in the school the alfa hlweled in the gym scott changed but jacson was herting on the back of his neck were the alfa stuck his nails into him also how could the alfa have been killing people if if peter was in the housepiltile and is the vet An alfa also becouase peter hit the vet right in his chest with a wooden table and the vet did NOT flinch not one bit


Amazingly awesome. And I hate watching tv. So that definatley says something to the producers. Great job!


I have a question. Who is Dereks dad? He had to have bit or scratched Dereks sister on the full moon or something. I think the show should talk more about Derek.


I rekon that lydia is going to become the cure for scott because it said she wasn't gonna return human and she's not a warewolf. x


I'm curious to see how Jackson's background turns out. Ever wonder why Peter hesitated when he attacked Jackson and then only scratched his neck? Mr. Argent told Kate that someone could be turned if a scratch was deep enough, but Jackson never turned. Instead, Peter only scratched deep enough to be able to use Jackson to get to Scott. Use him, but not turn him. Could Jackson be Peter's son? That could explain why Derek wouldn't turn Jackson until AFTER he became Alpha: Jackson would've been next in line. Sure would be a cool twist!


The deer had the spiral symbol on it's body. Derek's sister left that as a marker (as in her territory??)
The uncle had the nurse get it so he knew she was around to be killed. I thought the Uncle should have lived! He was like Freddy Kruger--hilarious. How funny was his comment about Kate's apology not being sincere enough! What a great villain he was. Kate was great too but I can see her on WIPEOUT where she's the MC. TW is just a great show. Bravo to cast, writers,production. The whole thing has been fantastic. I actually am interested in ALL the characters. Btw, why did Allison's mom say that Kate didn't set the fire as she threw out the newspaper? I think she said "She's not going to be remembered for something she didn't do?"

Amy jackey

I thought it was a really good episode. I'm so glad that kate and derek's uncle got killed. Derek isnt getting annoying. Need more shirtless derek for season 2. next summer is a long way off. Hope summer hurry up and get here.


what was going on in the end with alison's dad in the kitchen?

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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

I just saw my boyfriend turn into a werewolf.


Alpha: Don't feel bad, if she lives she'll become a werewolf. She'll be incredibly powerful.
Stiles: Yeah, and once a month she'll go out of her freakin' mind and try to tear me apart.
Alpha: Well, actually, considering she's a woman...twice a month.