The Closer Review: "Home Improvement"

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On The Closer this week, Brenda finally got herself a lawyer at the suggestion of Raydor, and when she heard his retainer was $25,000 her entire attitude went to the birds.

Elsewhere, the beating death with a ball peen hammer of a registered sex offender resulted in one of the most violent looking autopsies I've ever seen on the show. The case and Brenda's attitude made for a heck of a ride.

Great Brenda Reaction

Even though the case was less than savory, I was laughing throughout the hour. Admittedly, I'm iffy on rape when both parties are still in their teens, so I wasn't as appalled at the mixture of crime and humor like I was in the recent past.

There was little chance the neighbor's daughter would have been hurt, as she had been duly prepared to scream like a banshee and blow a rape whistle should the guy have come near her. The little spitfire demonstrated both of these little tidbits with gusto. Nobody was going to get their hands on her! 

They got more laughter out of me when Brenda informed Fritz she cut out their little luxuries like, oh, their phone service and those extra cable channels they never watch (hello, ESPN!) so they could afford her attorney.

I had never noticed their kitchen before, but it was full of old fashioned appliances and Brenda cooking in her lace blouse really made her look like a 1940s housewife. She looked fully prepared to jump through the centuries for a little sacrifice.

Mark Pelligrino, most - recently seen on shows like Lost, Supernatural and Being Human - offered up a role of a completely different kind as Brenda's outlandish attorney. Not only was his character eccentric, but some of the suspects came off like C movie thespians from a Cinemax production.

Watching the Missus and her artificial breasts attempt to lift a three-foot cement garden gnome off the ground was particularly effective... in making them look like idiots.

Introducing us to Brenda's new attorney, having her and Fritz squabbling like an old married couple, and the valley girl knockoffs whodunit provided a nice respite from the intensity that has intermittently plagued us as the series winds down.

Not too cold and not too hot, "Home Improvement" was just right.


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I loved Mark Pelligrino's character. I've seen him in a lot of roles but, none like this. This role showed how truly versatile he is. I'd like to see him land a role as part of an ensemble cast or at least as a recurring character in a series sometime soon. Something like fellow actor, Titus Welliver (this guy must be the hardest working man on TV) with whom he was part of the cast in Lost and Supernatural.


Where can i find such a patient, selfless and loyal husband as Fritz is? i love Brenda to bits but sometimes she is insufferable, he has a patience of a saint.
on a general note, i LOVE this show!


I wait anxiously for Monday night to watch The Closer and am never disappointed as long as Brenda is on. Don't like Captain Radar since she first came on and won't like her with Brenda gone. The chemistry won't be there without Brenda. She will be solely missed by all.


The Closer is a great show! The actors always do an excellent job of making the episodes believable & it's pretty obvious that they themselves enjoy working with one another very much. While this particular episode wasn't one of the best, it certainly showed a humorous side to the characters & I did enjoy watching it. As I understand it, current plans are that next season will be the final season for The Closer, and I'm really going to miss this show; hopefully, the powers-that-be concerning this show will re-think that decision & keep Brenda Lee Johnson in our lives for many years to come!

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