The Good Wife Promo Pic: New Day. New Time. New Beginning.

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The Good Wife. Don't let the name fool you.

So teases CBS in a new promotional photo for this Emmy-nominated drama, one that features Julianna Margulies and can simply be described as: HOT.

Julianna Margulies Promo Pic

Does this steamy promotional shot mean Alicia will be unleashed on season three? We already know there will be more sex overall on the series.

The Good Wife moves to Sunday nights and premieres on September 25. Put those eyes back in your sockets now, fellas.

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No it looks more like it's from the "add" (as you call it) that she just did for l'Oréal. And it's definitely her. What "add" do you think it's from? that is not her. Its a old one So which is it?


You an stick your glasses, that is not her. Its a old one from an add 2 yrs ago.
Thats the point !!!!!


It's OBVIOUSLY Julianna Margulies in that shot. You must need glasses. She looks different (which is the point of the picture), but it's still her.


CBS is trying to cover their butts by putting on a picture of another woman instead of Julianna Margulies, why don't they get with the program and do it right.


If I didn't better the girl in that picture is not Julianna Margulies, Does this steamy promotional shot mean Alicia will be unleashed no way just the same old dull look.


*Deep sigh*


The picture doesn't fit the theme, it belongs in ladies home jurnal.
DON'T LET THE NAME FOOL YOU-----Don't worry it didn't, is this the best CBS can do for an Emmy, really sad. Friday Night Lights will hit the top.


WOW, that's HOT. Let me tell you this, Alica has full work, her body and her brain. fantastic then


Wow. It is hot! A little photo shopped but hot none the less. Julianna is a great actress. I agree with the hair do. Its stupid!
Can't wait for season 3!


I love this new promo!! Alicia looks absolutely gorgeous... it's definitely the Will effect. I saw a recent JM interview with the LA times and she says that Alicia's moral compass will change.... Hmmm I wonder what that means for next season ;)

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