The Good Wife Set Shots: Lisa Edelstein and Josh Charles Tweet Around

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It's still unclear what Lisa Edelstein will be up to on The Good Wife. She'll stop by for at least three episodes this fall as Celeste Serrano, an attorney with a connection to both Will and gambling.

But we now at least have our first look at this actress on set, although we assume she isn't in character in the following pics Edelstein Tweeted of her and Josh Charles goofing around.

Look out, Alicia, these two appear to have some serious chemistry...

Josh Charles and Lisa Edelstein
Fun with Twitter

The Good Wife returns on September 25 and, man, for those of us who have watched House from the beginning, it's very strange to see Edelstein as anyone other than Lisa Cuddy, isn't it?

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They've been together before, on Sports Night (Aaron Sorkin's greatest work, IMHO), as Dan Rydell and Bobbi Bernstein. Love them both and happy they'll be together again!


You did, in one of those articles where you talked talked abt yourself and things in general in the TV community. You started out with something like "I am going to put it right out there. Shield is my all time fav show." You said that type of article would be regular, but i believe it came out just that one time. It was a good article though.

Matt richenthal

@Pratnik: Yes! Perhaps I've mentioned it before.


Matt, let me recall. is shield your favourite?

Matt richenthal

@DuckDuckGoose: Also a great call! My second favorite show of all-time!


Lisa Edelstein will always be the high priced call girl/ attorney on The West Wing, first and foremost.


Good Wife Quotes

It's hard to be on this side.


Will: I can't decide this by myself, but I can sway most of the partners, and I think you'll enjoy a honeymoon period as the Governor's wife.
Alicia: Uh...OK. I..I'm not...
Will: I want you to consider replacing Diane as managing partner.