The Secret Life of the American Teenager Goes "Dancing With the Stars"

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This week's Secret Life featured a lot of talking, mixed in with some heavy and moving moments. Unfortunately the good rating I would've given "Dancing With the Stars" went down the toilet the moment it tried to turn this into an episode of Glee. Lauren has a good voice, but enough with everyone trying to go down the musical route! It's overkill.

It was also kind of weird that Amy would send Lauren's boy toy over when Lauren was babysitting for her son. Who knows what these hormone-laden crazy kids could get themselves into?

Sad Amy

I know what some of them are NOT getting into, however. Despite Adrian's best efforts (which I found completely transparent and cheesy) Ben is just not down with sleeping with her. Not to mention, it would be insane for Adrian to get pregnant. Amy was right, they are all still recovering from the loss of Mercy. Even though Adrian seemed to be on a better path this week, I still worry about her.

As far as Ben, I really hope he sticks to his wits. After Leo's bombshell here, he's got other things to focus on. I'm glad Leo shared that with Ben, as I believe he deserved to know. As soon as Leo started speaking with him, I realized where it was going. Alcoholism can be hereditary and it's a serious issue.

For once, I felt like the issue was handled openly and honestly. Something that I've never found to be super authentic is the way Grace's boyfriends ask her mother for permission to have sex with her. Maybe it does exist with other people, but I've never heard of this. In fact, I think it's borderline inappropriate. That's something for Kathleen to discuss with Grace, not Grace's boyfriends.

All in all, a decent episode. Poor Jack, though. This guy can't catch a break! I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't be able to find a single date. C'mon female readers, who would've gone to the dance with Jack?


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Okay, I have always found this show hilariou in the terrible way, the only reason I watch it is to see if I am right about my easily formed predictions. For one, there are WAY too many storylines going on. This series has too many characters, and doesn't know who to cut. Okay I'm glad there isn't much parent action going on (as in their relationships) because it's just TERRIBLE. I honestly am only happy with Amy/Ricky's storyline. They turned Adrian into a full fledged PSYCHOPATHIC WIFE. She used to be a funny slut, what happened to that? They shouldn't have even made her go through a pregnancy storyline, they ruined her. I hate the way they write their scripts. This is from last epi in a "text" from Jack (who is pathetic, cut him out or make him useful) to Grace "It was a joke. A practical joke". Who the **** talks like that? You can just say, ESP. in a text, "It was just a prank! Lighten up, will you XD" (The XD is to simulate an actual SMS convo). Although I am only 14, I may be too young to watch, and let alone, critique it but this show is shit :P


Americans are so prude (I don´t mean that in a bad way - but that´s how it is)- the more you make something a taboo or forbidden, the more interesting it is to those who "can´t have" it.
This TV series proves my point every episode - still it´s funny to watch sometimes.


I have both a teenage son and a teenage daughter and I would never, ever allow my high school-age daughter to sleep over her college-age boyfriend's apartment!! It is one thing to know that your teens are likely having sex (or not!), but entirely different to enable it and encourage it!! Accept it, yes, but I wouldn't ever allow either of my teens to sleep over their boyfriend's/girlfriend's houses expressly to have sex. I think perhaps the alcoholic story line could be gone into further. I think teens need to understand that if there is an alcoholic gene in their family, it is much riskier for them to drink than for someone who does not have that gene in their family. And, perhaps the daily struggle against drinking could be portrayed more realistically. The way Ricky's mother fell off the wagon was unbelievable and silly. It should have been handled more seriously than that.

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She's not gonna get pregnant a second time.

Reuben [about Adrian]

You just start over. You take just take it one day at a time.