The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 74

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Over 50 entries were submitted to this week's edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, but we had to award the top prize to YourFairLady. Somehow, this user was aware of our soft spot for Jerry Maguire.

Check out the winning submission and connect it to that classic Tom Cruise film below.

To all who came close this week? Good try, and remember to come back and play again! We run this feature every Friday!

Tyler & Caroline

Caroline: Shut up. Shut up. You had me at werewolf.


Caroline: Stop looking me in the eye; you're supposed to be staring at my boobs! Boys always stare at my boobs!


Tyler: Caroline please stop singing the Smurfs tune! smurify smurf smurf!!!
Caroline: You smurfed with the wrong girl! *walks away*


Tyler: So, I finished "Angry Birds Rio", 3 stars on every level.
Caroline: o.O


Caroline: I had fun in your bed...
Tyler: Uh...that was you?!
Caroline: Uh...noooooo...
Tyler thinking: H. O. T she's hot


Tyler: What gamee are you trying to play with me?
Caroline: A staring contest...


Tyler: I don't know if I can forgive you Caroline..
Caroline: Would you forgive me if I go on stage and sing a song for you? Then you can come up stage and we can smooch and we can go to the toilet and continue our smooches?
Tyler: That'd be cool.
Caroline thinking: Works everytime!


Michael: no! I haven't actually been asked to smile, but I think I could do it if i tried. Maybe.


Tyler: I told you I didn't want the pink decorations!! Caroline: But pink is Barbie's favorite color...


Caroline:Call me Serena. Tyler:What?


Caroline:Let's start from the beggining soo im Caroline Tyler:From the beginning okay well first i wasn't a werewolf, i didn't kill anyone, My father was alive and soo was my uncle,i wasn't in love with you, matt was my best friend, i had a horrible life but know i've got an even worse.. Candice: Michael Wrong page Michael:Sorry everybody Read more:

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