The Vampire Diaries Season Premiere Pics: Let's Party?

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The Vampire Diaries will pay heed to Elena's 18th birthday on the upcoming season three premiere, but one thing is evident in the slew of photos just released by The CW: No one is in a celebratory mood.

That's what happens when Stefan turns into a blood-thirsty, globe-trotting monster who teams up with the baddest vampire of them all on a killing binge.

In the following images from "The Birthday," we see Damon drinking, Alaric unshaven, Caroline dealing with the two main men in her life and Klaus confronting a werewolf named Ray. For what purpose? Guess we'll need to tune in on September 15 to find out...

A Drink with Damon
Matt and Caroline Scene
Setting Up to Party
Alaric Pic
Klaus vs. Ray
Klaus, Chilling

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Klaus is great, he is sooo bad, I love to watch his scenes. Damon, I love his antics, and scarcasm.


Pirpir: took the words right outta my mouth. Stefan is cute but doesn't have a pulse. He and elena are cute but definetly not gonna carry the show for much longer. Elena can love a man but she will soon mature and realize she's IN love with his brother and that is must see tv. Damon haters luv to say damon is terrible. I say its a tv show and its stefan that's currently terrorizing everyone. Thank gawd. He's interesting....I like klaus and all the upcoming storylines. Especially delena and forwood!!!

David and sabrina 2014

It seems a shame that nobody in Elena's party feels in a celebratory mood. What I'm getting sick of is Klaus making Stefan pay too much over a wolf bite that Klaus is tormenting him with the human blood rage. I just hope that he's out of the picture later in the season cause he has got to go. It also seems that Damon is acting all weird in Elena's party including Alaric and Caroline is dealing with man problems. I'm sooooo excited for the arrival of season 3 that I can't wait anymore. XD =) =P


klaus should leave stefan alone 4 God sake,he's making him pay 2 much jst coz of a wolf bite,and d annoying part is that damon is not doing anything abt it as if not is coz of him he got into dat,and for elena to be honest she's nt suppose 2 celebrate any party with stefan gone,they should work 2gether she,damon,ric,bonnie,caroline nd jer 2 bring stefan back coz he has alot 2 both of them.


To be honest, I don't like Stefan. He's BORING! Season 1, Ok, I liked him but in season 2 he got sooooo BORING! So, I don't care if he has turned into a blood-thirsty vampire. I LOVE Klaus and even watching him makes me excited because he's so charming! Also FORWOOD!!! LOVE THEM!!! Delena as well. Can't wait for the premiere!


who's the new girl on TVD season 3..????


wow! exciting...! can't wait for season 3... but im so sad that stefan turned into a blood-thirsty, globe-trotting monster and team up with claus?? :(


Klaus should leave that werewolf alone. I love Klaus but if he kills or hurts that werewolf, it only brands him as a coward for attacking someone who's a lot weaker and smaller than him. These pics looks awesome, I can't wait til September! And it looks like no-one's gonna enjoy the birthday party. Poor Elena.

Uncle jackass

@Pennywise, That would be funny as TruBlood just showed a copy of a Twilight novel (Ellipse if I remembered) in the belongings of Jessica's monster box.


Oh holy fuck!
Is Klaus drinking True Blood on that one pic?? xDD

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