The Vampire Diaries Season Three to "Define" Elena and Damon

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Not so fast, Team Delena members. You might need to put that celebration on hold.

According to Vampire Diaries producer Kevin Williamson, yes, Elena and Damon will be together on season three of this CW smash. But that doesn't necessarily mean they'll be together.

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“It’s not so much about, ‘Are Damon and Elena going to fall madly in love and live happily ever after?’” Williamson told TV Line. “It’s, ‘Are Damon and Elena going to be able to find the man they both love?’... It’s going to be fun to watch Damon and Elena form this relationship that at its core is about a search for the man they both care about.”

Look for Damon to struggle with the concept of heroism, Williamson added, while both he and Elena try to understand where they fit in.

“It’s about defining their roles,” said Williamson of the search for Stefan. “Are they going to be friends? Lovers? How are they going to define themselves? Because it will be a defining moment for both of them.”

In other season three news, expect a new villain to show up, one that puts Klaus to harmless shame.

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YAY DAMON!!!!!!!


im voting for delena all the way. elena and damon are made for each other and elena needs to see that!!!


OMG forget about stelena i care about delena, with stefan and elena together it was borig and it didn't spice up the show at all, but with elena and damon together the show would be 100% better and i just think they are perfect together so i hope that there's going to be delena on seaseon 3,GO DELENA


its not fair for stefan that he sacrifised everytin just 2 save damon,but damon is in luv with his girl,as for caroline for pressuring elena 2 move on,she should remember d fact that if not for stefan,damon would have killed her since,or else she would have become a great monster,time to return d favour.


wat an awesome news,i knw dat 4 fact,elena will always luv stefan,elena and damon may be together but it's just for a while,damon does not deserve elena,even he himself said it.Live long stefelena.


damon and elena have to become lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David and sabrina 2014

Now this is what I call awesome good news. Damon and Elena may be together throughout season 3, but they're not going to be in a loving relationship. For the Delena fans I say "boo hoo that sucks for you" and us Stelena fans will be back on top anytime soon. This is extremely awesome news but it's shocking to see that Damon is caring for Stefan as much as Elena does. I thought that Damon was going to hate Stefan for eternity but it looks like he wants to be his best brother again. I like this big good news cause it's going to make the show a much bigger season and I'm getting too impatien already. I want to find out what else happens and I'm soooo excited to not miss one second of this moment. XD =) =D

Elina milan

I like them


Ah the slow epic build to delena. Or the slow epic end to stelena? Either way....all roads lead to one result. Its a tv show...not real life.


For some reason, I find Caroline and Tyler's chemistry a LOT more exciting and that's kind of what I'm really getting anxious for in the upcoming season. I mean, the Damon-->Elena

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