True Blood Sneak Preview: Choose Your Side

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Will Jessica live or die?

Following last night's strong episode of True Blood, this is the main question on the minds of most viewers heading into next Sunday's "Spellbound." The following HBO trailer for the episode, however, does not answer it.

What topics does the preview address?

  • Will Bill and Antonia meet?
  • Will Sookie and Eric join forces with the king?
  • Will Tara team up with the witches?
  • Will Eric and Sookie get it on in the shower?


I love Tara. I have been watching her since season 1 so I know her. She's doing great. I like her action to join with the Witches.


Oh, I can see a Sookie/Eric shower scene ...


JUST... kill Tara. Please.

Uncle jackass

I'm starting to think Tara's possession with the Evil witch may be forced? As for Team Bill, funny as hell...


I don't think Jessica will die. This is what cliffhangers are make people believe the worst is about to happen. If you have people thinking the worst is going to happen you'll have them completely desperate to watch the next episode. I think Sookie & Eric will team up with Bill to take on the witch... As for Tara, I think she's probably in this for her own protection (and to get at Pam) more than anything else. When it comes down to it I don't think she'll be up for mass vampire killings. As for the last one, probably.


Is it just me or does Tara in promo seems to not be down with them outright killing vampires only just being protected from them. I see why Tara is with Marnie on this as Pam has been threatening to kill her for something that wasn't even her fault. Mind you, Pam lovers and Sookie/Eric fans, if say Pam did kill Tara... how do you think Sookie/Eric going feel about that since they are a "we". Like Bill pointed out vampires should expected that one day they piss someone off enough for them to come back swinging.


About time this season picked up! I'm sick of it lagging on about the same minor crap. I want actions damn it! :D

Doe rae me

Jessica isn't going to die. She may go into the sun, but Jason is there...he will bring her back in before she burns, and let her drink from him. Then Jason will have drunk Jessica's blood, and Jessica will have drunk Jason's. which will solidify their bond/attraction even more. Since Jason and Sookie are full-blooded siblings, shouldn't Jason has fairy blood, too? Speaking of Sookie and her fairy blood--why doesn't she let Eric drink from her? Maybe the "taste of the sun" that in Sookie's blood would help.


I don't like Tara being in with the witches.

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