Vampire Diaries Exclusive: The Return of Malese Jow!

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She shocked Vampire Diaries fans with her return on the season two finale.

But Malese Jow was just as surprised as any of us when she got the phone call alerting her that she'd be needed again on set in Atlanta. When Anna died, did the actress have any clue she's be asked back?

"I had absolutely no idea," Jow told me over the phone today, adding that she never worked so hard to keep a secret and a lot of friends "were mad at me once the finale aired."

As Anna

What can she tell us about season three? Very little, of course. Both she and Kayla Ewell (Vicki) are "finding out things as we go along." But the young actress assures fans that all cast and crew members are working harder than ever on the episodes ahead.

Having only seen one episode prior to landing the role, Jow is now a full-fledged Vampire Diaries fan. She's "impressed with the serious and creepy and dramatic" tone of the series, considering how easy it would be fall into the cheesy trap of other supernatural programs.

As for the cast?

"They're just so humble and nice," Jow said.

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I like Anna and Bonnie idk which i like mre can't wait tooo see annna return Eeep idrc abt Vicki i was kinda glad she died


I just love her. I don't really care about Vicki, but am so excited for Anna to be back. I missed her. I LOVED her and Jere together. :(


when does season 3 come out!!!!!!!


Really? That's all you got from her? This isn't an interview.


bring back Jenna too!! Haha :D

David and sabrina 2014

The season 3's arrival is coming real huge. Now that Anna and Vicki have returned once more, who knows what they'll be up to in the season but I'm determined to find out when the big premiere comes. I'm sooooo excited to wait any longer. XD


I love Malese Jow. She's also on Nickelodeon's The Troop season 2 as a hal monster/half human teenager.


I love the fact that Anna returns. I home Pearl makes an appearance as well.


TEAM ANNA!!! I really hope that she and Jeremy get back together, or at least have scenes together this season :)

Uncle jackass

@quinn, but I suppose it's these type of genres that allow characters to keep coming back. Admittedly, Kevin Williamson doesn't have a precedent of bringing characters back from the dead from Dawson's Creek (except Dead Abby), but Joss Whedon has timely allowed much favorite characters to come back when the the main plot needed it.

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