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New details have emerged on the character Benjamin Bratt will portray this season on Private Practice.

"He's a fertility doctor," Bratt tells TV Guide. "And not just a fertility doctor, but someone who is quite accomplished and up to speed with cutting-edge technology and procedures."

Benjamin Bratt on Private Practice

Addison met Bratt's Jake on the May finale, of course, but she had no idea at the time what he did for a living.

Looking ahead, the veteran actor previews:

"As their relationship evolves over the season, it'll be complicated in a good way, because what we've already discovered about them is that there's a very strong, undeniable physical attraction. With her renewed commitment to Sam, and revealing who he is and what he does, and how that brings him into their sphere, things have to be kept secret."

Private Practice returns on September 29 with an episode titled... find out NOW!


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@Aries93 I prefer Conor over Jake as well. Felt like it suits the way Benjamin Bratt carries himself on the show. Btw, have you all heard about the latest recurring character added to the show and the storyline that she'll be involved in?


He's going to do well on this show, I think


RT @amy_pfister Benjamin & Kate at #tcas11: "we can look forward to Dr Jake Reilly giving Addison a way or another." Fun & sexy! ---------------------- It seems Addie will definitely get her baby this season.


@Caitlyn: Yeah, I just read that. I have no idea why they changed the name, as I preferred Conor, over Jake. But the last name suits him well.


I want him together with Addison by the midseason! And I heard his name is actually Jake Reily instead of the original "Conor" that was released during the time of the season 4 finale.


*Last name?


I kinda saw this coming. I mean, if Naomi were still in the show as a fertility specialist, they would have pulled the same story arc, with her helping Addison become a mother this season.
I'm glad that Addy WILL get her baby this season (hopefully a biological as it's what she has always wanted). Hopefully it's to this new character, Conor. Do we have a name?

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