Why Isn't Bailey the New Chief on Grey's Anatomy?

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What effect will the surprising revelation that Owen will soon become the new chief on Grey's Anatomy have on Bailey, long believed to be Richard's future replacement?

Kevin McKidd thinks she's more disappointed in Richard than anything.


Of course, "Her anger with the Chief for resigning is all dumped on Owen," the actor who plays the new chief, Kevin McKidd, tells TV Guide. "She has to respect his decision."

"He feels it's time to retire and to hand over that power to somebody else."

"Maybe she is upset that it isn't her that's Chief, but I think it's more to do with her anger at Webber because she's going to miss him."

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Baileyas been able to get Webber to do pretty much what she wants in running the hospital. I guess the Shepherd and Bailey as the chiefs favourites is over. That will please Altman I guess




The Chief told her in the 3rd Season that She will be chief! She's barely out of her General Surgery Fellowship. Owen is older, more experienced. It will be hers.


I agree! Bailey for chief!! She deserves it over Owen any day! Why they made Owen chief and April CR is beyond me. I love MerDer and hope they work through their problems and we have lots of MerDer in season 8. Same with Cristina, Alex, Bailey and Richard. Nothing like the original cast to me. Once they go, Grey's is over for me. Owen doesn't cut it as a lead actor. Not even close! I actually hope Cris dumps him and his selfish not understanding her at all ways.


This had nothing to do with this but have you guys seen the deleted scene of last season? I dont know how people got them before the DVD release but they did. They upload them on youtube if you want to check it out.


I want more of mr. Pickens chief or no chief. He is so solid and graceful in the part, truly love him. His performance in season 6 with his relapse culminating to his confrontation with the shooter still gives me chills. Btw the folks complaining about the writing of the two previous seasons are not focusing on content and some of the best acting performances several of which centered around the chief. He is the rock, the glue and the heart of GA.


*premire, oh and he quit because he hated it


@Liz nooo Derek quit being cheif in the premirw of season 7


Derek did a great job as Chief and he should be the new Chief over Owen. He's not there as long and does not know the ropes, so to speak, of Seattle Grace/Mercy West. Is Derek being penalized for Meredith's mistake?


In terms of Bailey, I guess making her chief would make her lose her edge. She's so much more hardcore as an attending surgeon than she was when she was chief resident.


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