Addison to Pursue Dreams Differently on Private Practice

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Is Addison Montgomery still baby crazy on Private Practice?

Will Benjamin Bratt's character help her facilitate her goals?

Yes and yes. But the way in which she goes about pursuing her dreams is not what you expect. Creator Shonda Rhimes says it will be less about the destination than it is about the journey.

“We’re going to watch a very interesting struggle this season with Addison pursuing her dreams to become a parent," she says. "It’s one that I don’t think I’ve seen on television before.”

What do you think that could mean? Sound off below ...

Benjamin Bratt on Private Practice

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Yes, both GA and PP have several things in common, didn't realize till someone pointed out about lead women having fertility issues. But I really want them to work on the storylines on both shows, past 2 seasons it has been lacklustered. Story lines need to be better for other characters rather than have it focus on one character for the whole season, as they did with charlotte and christina, wow, both have their name c in it, and both very goal-oriented! Relationships; stop the soap opera feel, with having to bring a tempting lady/guy to seduce away from relationship, focus on mending the relationship, and spicing up the relationship. Yes it can be done but writers don't like to do so, very lazy of them to do this. They like to give spotlight when they get together, but when they do, they fade away. I think fans can agree that they are tired of the high school drama of breaking on and off.


i think its wierd that they were able to have children in the begining and now they cant


shonda I believe had fertility probs andit so it makes sense she would have Addison and Meredith her two female leads work through that.


The things I expect for Addison by seasons end are:
-A pregnancy. She needs to feels her baby grow within her and gets the entire pregnancy experience.
-A man. A man that doesn't come with problems and loves Addison for her positives and her negatives.
-A happy ending. Gathering from ratings and such, I feel as though this could be the final season of Private Practice. This show was made for Addison to find a new life she loves. She needs to actually get her happiness and live her dreams.


Hasn't anyone wondered about the parallels between GA and PP? Both Meredith Grey and Addison have fertility problems. Christina and Violet both got accidentally pregnant ($20 says that Christina keeps the baby just like Violet did - no one gets abortions on these shows, despite the claim that Addison aborted her off-screen pregnancy with Mark). Since both Addison and Derek are baby hungry, why didn't they have one during the 12 or 13 years they were married? I'd bet that Charlotte gets cancer a la Izzie before too long. What I don't understand is why Addison hasn't dealt with her baby-craze in the previous 4-7 years. Why she hasn't tried IVF by herself or surrogacy or adoption before theory is that PP has suffered as SR's 2nd show. It's never had the supervision bestowed on GA.


you bet your ass it won't , i was thinking the same thing, with Shonda you never know, you never guess


as long as Addisam stay together, I'm fine with any plotline. But I have the idea that nothing will ever be smooth in Shondaland...

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