Awkward Season 2 Scoop: A Full Plate for Jenna

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Who wrote the letter? Who did Jenna choose? Those answers were revealed on the Awkward season one finale...

... which, as great finales often do, simply opened up more questions regarding season two.

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Fortunately, creator Lauren Iungerich is here with a couple answers. Or teases, at least, telling Entertainment Weekly that Jenna will have a lot on her plate. Specifically, of course, when it comes to her love life.

“I really want to see her really happy with Jake for a period of time," Iungerich says, adding that it will be a "pretty big thing" when Jake learns Matty and Jenna were an item.

As for Jenna's relationship with her misguided mother? Previews Iungerich:

Jenna is “going to start to become the daughter that Lacey always wanted and at the same time push her mother away. That’s going to be really painful for Lacey, and she’s really going to have to grow.”

Finally, keep your eyes out for a series of love triangles: “Lacey married her Jake, and next season to see Lacey confronted with her Matty would be really amazing as it’s juxtaposed in different areas with Jenna’s relationship between Matty and Jake.”


I think she should pick whoever she likes it is not our chose and matty two timed.


Matty and Jenna need to be toqether there chemistry toqether was so cute and personally i jus dont see that spark between jake and jenna like i did with matty &, Jenna im on Team Matty :) all the way


I love the show. I'm definetly team Mattie. Jenna was hurt when she started going with Jake. She listened to her head and logically chose the guy who would be the least complicated. But in her heart she still carries a torch for Mattie. I would not like to see Jenna having sex with two guys who are best friends, that's just "skankish". Jenna is not a hoebag she's a sweet girl who is growing up, but I don't want her to be too wild. I like the show's funny, quirky, honest approach I don't want it overloaded with the same crap you find on reality shows.


Im like so confused.. Jake,, is sweet. Nice, and kinda perfect. But Maddy, I will always pick. He should be with jenna, not that other chick.. Whatever her name is ;)


Jake and Jenna need to stay together because they are happier and don't have xxx together and isnt afrad to take her out in public.with Matty he wants to keep it a secret from everyone.and he is one where he wants to have xxx with jenna and that's it.jake and Jenna needs to stay together. team jake.(I love jake).


i love this show it's weird awesome' and awkward hehe


Jake belongs in the friend zone. He's a great guy, he's perfect really. But Jenna is still in love with Matty, she's just using Jake as a rebound, unintentionally. Matty was only trying to be a good friend to Jake by not asking Jenna to the dance. Jenna needs to just take some time and be single so she can figure out what exactly she's looking for.


i finished watching seson 2 last night great show but i think she should choose jake hes not scared to show her to everyone and isnt scared to be himself and thats somthing that matty needs to learn matty had plenty of time to show her how much he loved her and he didnt it seems like he just wanted her for sex but he did have feelings for her just didnt show it know she moved on and is with an amazing guy that she diserves and that all girls would want like they say you dont realize what you have untill youve lost it she should just stay with jake and see were he takes her 1000000000000% JAKE


HELP ME! where can i watch it tonight :(


I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO CONFUSED AND TORN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE . I think that Jake is good for Jenna because he's nice and care-free but then at the same time I love Matty ! He started changing for Jenna ! I can tell that Matty really did like her . ugh I just don't know ! ........ or maybe Jenna should choose Jake so I can get Matty (; lol ! all I want is for Matty to NOT end up with evil Sadie !!!!! and for Jenna to be happy (:

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