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The Ski Trip
Watch Awkward Season 4 Episode 10
"Snow Job"
Original Air Date:

When the friends go on a ski trip, rivalries and romances come to a head on Awkward.

Jenna and Tamara's Futures
Watch Awkward Season 4 Episode 9
"My Personal Statement"
Original Air Date:

Tamara and Jenna must face the chance that their futures may take them in different directions on Awkward.

A Surprising Visit
Watch Awkward Season 4 Episode 8
"Prison Breaks"
Original Air Date:

Jenna heads to college to visit Luke while Tamara has an unexpected hookup on Awkward.

The Set Up
Watch Awkward Season 4 Episode 7
"After Hours"
Original Air Date:

Jenna sets up Matty on a date with Eva on Awkward. Read on for a full Awkward recap.

Winning Him Back
Watch Awkward Season 4 Episode 6
"Crowning Moments"
Original Air Date:

Tamara is desperate to win Jake back while Jenna runs a male beauty pageant on Awkward.

A Visit to College
Watch Awkward Season 4 Episode 5
Original Air Date:

While Jenna and Tamara visit a college, Matty has a party back home on Awkward.

Spirit Week
Watch Awkward Season 4 Episode 4
"Sophmore Sluts"
Original Air Date:

Jenna and Tamara realize they have new rivals on Awkward.

 No Benefits
Watch Awkward Season 4 Episode 3
"Touched by an Angel"
Original Air Date:

A friends with benefits relationship doesn't work when Jenna gets upset with Matty on Awkward.

Talking to Matty
Watch Awkward Season 4 Episode 2
"Listen to This"
Original Air Date:

Tamara questions Jake's talent while Jenna continues to have issues communicating with Matty on Awkward.

An Embarassing Moment
Watch Awkward Season 4 Episode 1
"No Woman Is an Island"
Original Air Date:

On the season 4 premiere of Awkward, Jenna gets humiliated both at home and at school.

Awkward Quotes

Without the bad days we can never appreciate the good ones, and, there are so many good days coming your way. Just do me a favor, forgive yourself like you forgave me.


Eva: Sadie, I really admire how comfortable you are with your body. You're so brave.
Sadie: I'm not brave. I have amazing tits unlike you and your sad floppers.

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