Billy Ray Cyrus Cast on 90210

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Billy Ray Cyrus and his achy, breaky heart are headed to 90210.

The actor - best known as the father of Miley Cyrus off screen and on screen in Hannah Montana - will appear in a November episode of The CW hit as Judd Ridge, the father of Justin Deeley's Austin.

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Viewers met Austin on last week's season four premiere of 90210. We'll get to know him more on episodes to come, starting with tomorrow night's "Rush Hour."

Billy Ray isn't the only semi-big name to have landed a role on the show: Vinny Guadagnino - yes, that Vinny Guadagnino - will guest star later this season as a celebrity poker player.


the heck with all these country-cowboy story?!


I wish 90210 would stop with the special guest appearances. It only needs to focus on it's primary cast. I get that the show is based in L.A., but how L.A. can it get?


This is actually the most realistic casting since Austin is supposed to be the son of a country singer so all the more obvious to cast someone who into country music. Although to be honest, having David Rappaport (casting director for 90210) cast some celebrities to guest (A-Lister and otherwise) is definitely something of a big concern. We already had Jason Kennedy, Joe Jonas, the Kardashians, Snoop Dogg and Samantha ROnson among others. Who should we expect next? Thalia? Hehehe just kidding. Still 9-Oh


ok who's going to make a special appearance next? Elton John? Simon Cowell? or maybe Britney Spears?

Adrian eduardo bustamante pincheira

So, they now have Moesha as a Condoleezza Rice wannabe, Vinny from Jersey Shore as a "Poker Hustler", and Hannah Montana's dad as.... a random guy's dad? Did the casting director lose a bet or something?


When they got rid of Ethan, they replaced him with a clone named Teddy. Now that they're getting rid of Teddy, they seem to be replacing him with a clone named Austin.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.