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On the first season of Blue Bloods, Frank was not a favorite of the mayor. So you'd think that a new mayor-elect would be a welcomed change for the police commissioner. You'd be wrong.

As "Mercy" begins, it seems as though Frank has jumped from the frying pan into the fire when the mayor-elect strongly implies that it would be better if the murder of one of his key supporters is labeled as random violence, especially when the truth may lead to a sex scandal.

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Is asking your police commissioner to ignore evidence really what a new mayor wants to do before he's even taken office? This certainly doesn't bode well for the new administration.

Elsewhere, Faragat's secret love nest has the creepiest bedroom ever. Just how young does he like his playmates? As Jackie describes the room, it looks "like Gidget goes to hell" and I can't say she's wrong.

We see a lot of Frank dealing with the new mayor and Erin (who is looking far too thin!) juggling the case and her friendship with the victim's wife but there isn't much of Danny on the premiere. Because Danny normally leads the case of the week, I'm surprised by his role of a background player here. Not what I'd expect from a season opener.

Most of the struggles were Frank's and they were all internal. Does he keep his job or walk away? No one can make silent brooding as watchable as Tom Selleck.

And as Jamie gets his first undercover assignment, it looks as though Frank's worries will only increase. I honestly found the bar stakeout a bit boring, but it appears that Jamie may be playing with the big boys soon if he's dragged into the investigation of a local crime family.

Frank tells Jamie he knows he can do anything he sets his mind to but that's the Police Commissioner talking. The father who has already lost one son to the job won't be getting much sleep at night.

The best moment comes when Frank tells the mayor he hasn't done him any favors and he's not going to. Frank Reagan is nothing if not direct. He's also shocked when he finds out that a simple act of kindness he committed when he was a beat cop now puts him in the mayor's good graces. Sometimes luck is something we make without ever realizing it.

My biggest disappointment is that the Reagan family dinner doesn't have the sarcastic wit I've come to expect.  Everyone is rather well behaved and gets along... and that's just no fun. I look forward to more entertaining meals in the near future.


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At mid season last year, it was a struggle to stay with it. I finally didn't. Although a long time Selleck fan, I'm not sure his waning magnatism can keep the show going. The jerky, ADHD movements to Son #1 is tiresome. Does this guy ever smile? The only good part of his role is his partner who is a looker. As for the rest: ehhh, ho hum. This season't opening show was somewhat corny to say the least. Seeing Carrie Underwood was worth the struggle to stay awake. I agree with above reviewer: Tony, you need to hang it up. You day is over. Stick with the piano bar crowd. Don't think I'll be blocking out Friday night for BB.


Love Jackie! Love uniform this season?
Loved the line by Danny's wife when Erin and Frank are going off to the "event" with Tony Bennett...that they should each have their own dates, not each other, "Just saying..."

@ poppysmom

Definitely- Linda's quip that Frank and his daughter should start "seeing other people" was hilarious and true.


You're angry over a tv show? Seriously? The Reagans (plural) wanted the case to go to court. It was the new mayor who didn't want a scandal so HE called immigration and trumped the investigation. So, ulitimately, the wife wasn't embarassed but it was only because the mayor didn't want to be embarassed. The Reagans were working toward a trial and Frank was angry when he was trumped. Tony Bennett isn't half as bad as Paul McCartney is these days. Paul's voice is gone, Tony's just sounds old. Having him on the show or anywhere is nostalgic and that in itself is appealing even if he can't sing as well as he used to. I also think for a season opener it was weak and didn't establish much in the way of the future, except for setting up Jaime to work against the mob. It was one of the more boring shows I've seen.


I agree it was ro little Danny but Wahlberg was busy touring with NKOTBSB during shooting so.. The case was OK, not good not bad, but I think the story line with Jamie and the crime family can be good.
I also hope we'll see more family dinners in future episodes!


the ep was ok, this not my fav cop show by a mile but they closed my favorites (Chicago code and Detroit 1-8-7) so i am left with this. not bad but the dynamics lacked a rhythm for me, too little Danny, too much moral searches from Frank. this family seems so righteous and politically and religiously correct that i get easily fed up with the dialogues that say all the right words.
the case was so so and the resolution left me unsatisfied, i understand that nobody deserves to be humiliated after their husband was killed but if that woman wasn't Erin's friend they would not have thought twice about washing her dirty laundry in the court. this kinda makes me angry. and lastly, pls people don't hate me, the singing of Tony Bennett and Carrie Underwood was all very well but Tony needs to stop singing, he was great once but he isn't anymore. why can't he just leave the stage with dignity so that everybody would remember how wonderful he was rather than feel the pain in the chest from pity for what we lost.


New dynamic. The development of the case seemed scattered. Jaime in the mob could be good. Wouldn't people know Jamie's face though? I'd like to see more Baker.

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