Castle Episode Trailer: A Comic Book Caper

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Rick Castle's spidey senses are tingling.

Following a fun season premiere - which featured an alive Beckett and a new captain, reviewed by our critic HERE - this ABC hit returns next Monday with a comic book caper titled "Heroes & Villains."

Look for an ex-con to be found dead on the episode, and for the most likely suspect to be a... superhero?!? Or at least a vigilante in a costume? Don't worry, Beckett and an excited Castle are on the case, as teased in the following trailer:


After the intensity of last season's finale and this week ep I'm really looking foward to the fun Castle...don't get me wrong I love when Castle goes dramatic and I think it excels when it does so....I'm just looking forward to seeing childish Castle again.... and come on the killer's a Superhero!?!?! Awesome!

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