Chuck Casting Question: Who Should Play Sarah's Mom?

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Chuck might not premiere until October 28, but at least producers are giving fans something fun to debate in the meantime:

The show has sent out a casting notice for the potentially recurring role of... Sarah's mom! The character is named Emma and, of course, is described by NBC as being both beautiful and blonde.

Bad Ass Sarah

So, what actress will we be thanking for giving birth to the gorgeous creature above? Perhaps Patricia Arquette? Michelle Pfeiffer? Heather Locklear?

Send in your casting suggestions now!


aspertame- good call on Lindsey, I missed her completely.
It needs to be someone with scifi and/or spy cred
I just picked actresses over 40. Sarah is late twenties at this point.
I admit Jeri is youngish for the role, but hey.
Michelle has done some TV work, but not since the '80's
I was thinking her Dad's a grifter, her mom could be a thief?


Jeri Ryan, that big and bountiful borg from Voyager, tall blond and very yummy!
Ryan was born in 68 and Yvonne in 82 should be perfect


Lindsey (Bionic Woman) Wagner, as Sarah's mom! Jeri Ryan might take a bit of offense, being only 44. But hey, maybe a child bride who wasn't ready to be a wife/mother, adding more unhappiness to Sarah's backstory. For the doubters as regards Michelle Pfeiffer -- lots of older (meaning post-35) actresses forgotten by the film industry are reborn as series stars. Cathy Bates, Candice Bergen...Linda Hamilton, for that matter, who went from TV to Terminator and back again.


As if Michelle Pfeiffer would appear in a tv show... That's stupid...


How about soem of these actresses for your consideration?
Elizabeth Shue- Back to the future
Sharon Stone- Total Recall and Sphere
Kim Basinger-??
Tea Leoni-?
Jeri Ryan- not available-Body of Proof
Maria Bello-?
Lori Loughlin-! not available 90210
Lisa Hartman
Cheryl Ladd
Tanya Roberts-?? the OZ/Kiwi crew
Lucy Lawless-!!unavailable Spartacus
Miranda Otto-Return of the King
Naomi Watts-
Nicole Kidman


Heather Locklear she look the most like Sarah and i just think she would fit the best but Michelle Pfeiffer could may work to..


Michelle Pfeiffer definitely!


definitely Michelle Pfeiffer!!!


I would say Heather Locklear, i think she would be perfect for that part


I actually really like the Michelle Pfeiffer call. I could be down for that.

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