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Crisis Alert! There's a evil version of Annie trying to outdo the real Annie on this week's Community. In "Geography of Global Conflict" Annie goes up against her own worst enemy, kind of literally.

Martin Starr guest starred as Professor Cligoris, a name I'm going to assume the writing department created to make us feel like perverts. A model UN obsessed teacher, who likes to give rides in a wheelchair that isn't his, Starr served as the mediator during the model United Nations face-off.

Martin Starr on Community

The model UN tourney brought back classic group dynamics without any crazy gimmicks. Shirley was sweet offering China's money, Troy was repping the country of Georgia with a southern accent, Abed was concerned with parallel universes, Pierce and Jeff argued over the correct pronunciation of "Uruguay" and Annie threw an epic temper tantrum. Isn't this what this comedy is about, everyone using their quirks for the power of the greater good aka the group?

One of the commentators wrote last week that in season two it seemed like the key players were becoming more like caricatures of themselves and I'd have to say that I agree. The Britta schtick bored me. Britta does bitchy and in denial better than she does crazy protester. However, her routine did serve to make Chang feel more important in his job as school security guard. The taser takedown and subsequent rescue to Lionel Richie's "Hello" was classic.

Now, just because the group came together and defeated evil Annie's model UN team, doesn't mean that evil Annie didn't serve her purpose. New girl won my heart with this gem of a quote:

Annie Kim: I'm sorry I don't understand your relationship here. Is he your father or your lover?

Calling it right from the get-go! Yes Jeff and and Annie would you please define your relationship for us? Thanks to Jeff's scolding her for acting like a school girl, and not in a hot way, we were led to a Jeff/Annie (Jannie?) deep conversation.

He thinks the best way to deflect from your true feelings about someone is to treat them like a child. However, now that Jeff sees Annie as a grown up, smart, maturing woman, it's hard for him to pretend like the "kiddo" act is still working. And alas we now know that the producers were serious in making the Jannie shippers very happy this season.

So what did you think Community fans? Check out the quote section for our favorites this week. And don't forget that Pierce doesn't like when you use his body as a board game!! Operation be damned!


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The funniest part of this episode was Troy's joke about the smell of the fart almost being a solid.. I laughed so hard on that one. I also liked the Britta bit. I thought that was very funny as well, especially when Chang is dragging her out the door while she is in the cage and Britta says "is anybody facebooking this?"


I pretty much hated it, for the first time ever. Britta was one of my favorite characters in Season 1 and now I can't bear a single moment that she is onscreen. She's gone WAY beyond a caricature into...I don't even know what. And worst of all, not funny. :(


"Jeff/Annie (Jannie?)" No. Just no. Please don't. This isn't glee. We don't do the portmanteau ship names.


I really enjoyed this episode. Personally, I thought it was one of the best. I loved the Britta & Chang storyline (unexpected chemistry there!) and the use of Lionel Richie was perfect. The ensemble at the UN was also great and allowed everyone a piece of the action (Troy was especially great and the farting scene had me in hysterics). I thought the Jeff & Annie scenes were slightly awkward but the issue needed to be addressed. I like Jeff/Annie as a relationship regardless of their age because I see a real admiration and heart between them. They are the only characters to ever have a 'heart to heart' moment on the show. I'm pleased that Jeff admitted he cares for Annie and not in a 'kid' way because it allows us not only a truthful moment between these two characters about their ambivalent relationship, but it also shows that Jeff is growing as a person too. I know Community is a comedy show but it needs heart like this too. Thumbs up from me.

Leigh r

@George yes, it was your comment! I love to see what Community fans have to say. We're a small but passionate group.


I personally thought this episode was a VAST improvement from last weeks episode. I think this one is starting to get back to the roots why people/I first fell in love with the show, the group being their quirky little selves. While i didnt particularly care for the whole "model UN" premise, i did like what each character "brought to the table" and found the episode pretty funny and entertaining
[the straw/cup thing was HILARIOUS]
I didnt like the britta storyline. I get that her over-the-top-ness was the point of the storyline, so im a little lenient, but i didnt find it entertaining. But then again i havent really liked britta since season 1.
Dont wanna toot my own horn [well i "kinda" do since im mentioning it] but im pretty sure it is my "caricature comment" your referencing and Britta was one of the main reasons why i made the comment.
in season 1 she was fairly "regular" and every once in awhile she would say something feminist/hipster. but then in season 2 like every episode she would just be making shouting declarations and speeches of her leftist/anarchist ways, which i never really liked. and it doesnt look like they're changing it for season 3
And I loved the tag. It too got back to the roots of why the tags were AWESOME and some ppl's fav part. Troy and Abed being....Troy and Abed. Season 2 was pretty much a flop for the tags. Something im pretty sure even Harmon referenced in one of the panels or commentaries or something and he said they were gonna correct it for Season 3 and if this is any indication the good ol tags are back.
Overall 4.5/5


i thought it was funny. i loved troy's 'someone woke up on the regular side of the morning'. i don't think britta is a caricture- i think she's over the top, but it was totally britta- protesting about nothing, and have nobody care?


loved it! i laughed a lot during the entire wasn't very memorable but it wasn't a waste of 30 minutes


Loved this episode! Aside from the fact that I adore moments that move Jeff and Annie's relationship forward, the Model U.N. sequence was fantastic in showing the best and worst of the group as well as how their wackiness wins out in the end. The Britta/Chang storyline was equal parts disturbing and hilarious - perfect for this show!


i think that we've seen the peak of community. this season is not starting off the way it should. we need hilarious episodes. not rip offs of previous ep (debate ep). i dont think i really even laughed. and community season 2 was so good. its a shame. i hope the next few episodes make up. im keeping my fingers crossed.

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Community Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Wow, Annie. How progressive of you to have a multicultural evil twin?!


Chang: What do I do if I see a crime?
Security Guard: Do what a security guard does and call a cop.