Cop Out: Tiffany Hines to Recur on 90210

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The CW will soon revive Tiffany Hines.

The actress, whose character of Jaden was killed off Nikita via hydrofluoric acid, will appear on multiple episodes of 90210, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Look for Hines to portray a police officer named Kat.

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How might this character get involved on season four? This could be a major hint: Due to a sorority prank, Naomi will get arrested early this fall.

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I love Tiffany Hines. Ever since her "Beyond The Break" days, I've been waiting for her star to continue rising. I wish they gave her a bigger role on Bones. She's talented enough to be one of the team, not just someone's daughter. She was very good as Jaden on Nikita. I think they should've kept her. They could've written her character out in a better way, then have her possibly recur in the future again.

Gaby ee

@Mark DeFields that definitely makes sense, as the character will appear on more than one episode. Guess we will just have to wait and see.


For those of you who don't already know, Tiffany Hines will be playing a cop who will try to help Navid build a case against his evil uncle.


In the preview we see a male coop, and Naomi trying to seduce him! But maybe it will become a running gag! When Naomi makes some trouble Hines appears! Nice! :D I like Hines she is a nice actress and i expected more from her!

Matt richenthal

@Dexter Idolizer: We'll have to watch and find out, won't we? :)
I didn't see Hines' character would ONLY be known for arresting Naomi.


I thought Naomi was arrested in the first episode? If so, then why are we only hearing about this now and what is the point of having someone recur in multiple episodes for simply arresting a character on a sorority prank?

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.