Delena Debate: What Should the Future Hold for Damon and Elena?

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In a recent interview with TV Guide, Ian Somerhalder was asked about one of the most pressing questions on The Vampire Diaries: Will Damon and Elena ever hook up?

The actor's answer might surprise loyal Team Delena members:

"She wants a life of peace with no death and he's [into] destructive killing," Ian said. "It's like trying to watch a lion and a gazelle be friends, it's just not meant to be. They're just two different animals."

Does this mean it never will be? No, we're just reading one star's opinion.

But do you agree with it? Is Elena meant for Stefan or Damon? Check out the promo above for tonight's new episode ("The Hybrid") and then weigh in: Do you wanna see Delena come to fruition on season three?

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The writers need to ask themselves, why do ppl go crazy for the show? Answer, Damon and Elena not Stephan. Just the thought off Elena and Damon hitting it off, have the fans drooling for more…… even if Elena and Damon are not ment to be the writers have to spice things up every now and then between the two just to keep the fans wanting more……. If they don’t ppl will lose interest and the series wouldn’t be that great anymore.
I don’t know about other countries. But in Guyana, myself and many others were all crazy over NCIS, especially with the inclusion of Zeva. We all wanted to see tony and Zeva hook up, but we just got fed-up waiting and stop following the show. I don’t want that to happen to Vamp Diar. I love the show very much and I’m all for Damon. I have loved the Damon character ever since the show had first stared. Yes! I have loved the bad guy and love him even more now.


Damon and Elena have incredible chemistry since the day they met and their friendship has made tremendous progress over the last couple seasons... still - aside from the fact that they both love Stefan and would never want to double-cross him that way - they would just frustrate each other as a couple. And think that both of them are beginning to realize this. Besides,i would miss their "moments" ... packed with suggestive comments and sexual tension...
What these two need is to work past this, find their own soulmates, and continue developing an amazing friendship to last a lifetime :) imo

Avatar Some things are just meant to be ;)


DELENA ALL THE WAY!!!!i think stephan should end up with katherine! shes evil... hes not... he'll change her to be good, because she does really love him, and then damon and elena can be together!!! the two goody goodies together dont balance eachother out !!!!!!!!!!! lmao sorry but stephan is just a boring character and he needs some spice i think if he got with katherine it would make him a lil more ..whats the word..INTERESTING!Same with elena she is caring sweet and damon gives her personality what it needs!!!


ok.damon is wonderfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul.the fantastic thing about him is that he s everything we wish we are:totally careless and just dont give a guilty damn!but elena came and turns him to this lost puppy(great eyes puppy who s lost it must of the time)we love damon cause he s(and caroline)the most realistic caracter in the show!i mean who the hell allways get the right girl freaking twice and he dont find a trouble to do the right thing allwayssssssssssssssssss at the real life?isnt life about makeing the worst mestakes,loseing the love of your life and be the wrong kid in your familly, and after your heart breaks and you think your done somehow you find someone good gives hope again in humanity just to find out at the end that the new person have alot in commun with the old one and you live the next years of your life just a friend to the person you "ll always choose"? i never liked elena(or stefan he make me wanna set myself on fire:not in a good way)but i learnd to love her cause DAMON loves her.people say that hes not a relationship material?who IS a realationship material?you never know until u jump right? i think she brought the best on him and he makes her look like someone with passion to life.what else can we ask for?STELENA heppend tooo fast and easy(easy came easy go)he loved her she did to!and?oh yehp if i wanted to kill myself STEFAN is the answer. the look in DAMON s eyes when they went to save her from ELIJAH the first time when she run to stefan just broke my heart or the "i should go"scene...epic epic epic moments .the crazy thing is that STELENA dont have anyyyyyy epic scenes or even good ones.but i have a feeling that DELENA wont happen ANY SOON.just ask DAIRS.


Manty the writers kno they Sony want stelen endgame for the reasons mentioned already....The writers aren't!


I tink d reason why most of u find stelena boring is that the writers didn't actually show the extent of love they hv for eachother,the feelings,luv and anything that will make u emotionally drained,so i'll actually say dis is d writers fault,there suppose to be a romantic scenes very often between them,bt they made them seem like they'v been together for over 10yrs.


Thank God u mentioned the word"betrayal"in ur statement,plz tell me if it were u hw will feel if u find out the only people u luv and care for,trying with all the power in ur soul to protect them r cheating on u,and answer this question honestly,who do u tink elena would choose between stefan and damon?i knw she love both of them nw but u can't tell me she will chose damon over stefan,it's nt even possible she will feel guilty like hell,even damon too will not want that to happen as much as he love elena.


Delena can happen and it can be awesome, it's just a matter of story telling! There is a lot of options there. Option 1: Elena does love both brothers and they love her too and she likes it this way, she doesn't have to make a choice because she somehow has them both. Now imagine two persons (Delena) pulling the same rope in opposite directions, if one of them stops pulling, the other falls. I mean, if Damon stops loving Elena or pretends to, she will be pissed to lose him and she'll miss him so much that she will be the one to go after him! Stefan will realise how miserable she is and he'll let her go (but he'll hate his bro). Will she come back to him? Option 2: Stefan dumps Elena (which he has already done in some way but they didn't actually break up, he's just left) because it's too painful to keep being her lover and be Klaus crime associate in the same time. Elena stays on her own but she's worried about Damon who is still trying to get Stefan back. He eventually gets hurt and Elena heads to save him then he does smthg that makes her officially fall for him. What happens when Stefan comes back? Suspense Option 3: Elena gets drunk or she needs some comforts or... anyway, she drifts and she and Damon hook up. After that she feels guilty to death and she rejects Damon. When Stefan comes back, Damon tells him everything (he went crazy and all Damon's stuff). Stefan doesn't believe him but Elena confirms and the betrayal broke his heart and he turns bad. Damon is back to his old self cause he lost all the people he cared about and he feels guilty. No Delena. no Stelena. What will happen? IMO if Delena ever happens it will be Elena's decision. And the good thing about Delena is that it will maybe make Stefan less boring. Even if you are a saint you must react when your brother and girlfriend are in love.
Stefan's perfection doesn't make him more human, it makes him predictable like some kind of robot, he's always the same good guy and the ripper story arc doesn't change anything because he's not challenging himself or re-inventing himself, he's just demonstrating again how heroic and selfless he is. This type of behaviour may make people admire you or respect you but it doesn't make them care for you.


Completely agree with what you've said. Stelena had zero build and no passion. It happened so fast and we were TOLD to love them. I can't be told to luv a couple if I don't feel the tension etc. It was just to convenient and seemingly because he met her first. I can't buy that sorry, I'm not so easily manipulated. Delena will take time but the process has indeed begun. Elena comes to life around Damon. If theyre siblings, theirs gonna be some inbreeding soon! Says more about the person saying its sibling crap then delena :) haha

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