Delena Debate: What Should the Future Hold for Damon and Elena?

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In a recent interview with TV Guide, Ian Somerhalder was asked about one of the most pressing questions on The Vampire Diaries: Will Damon and Elena ever hook up?

The actor's answer might surprise loyal Team Delena members:

"She wants a life of peace with no death and he's [into] destructive killing," Ian said. "It's like trying to watch a lion and a gazelle be friends, it's just not meant to be. They're just two different animals."

Does this mean it never will be? No, we're just reading one star's opinion.

But do you agree with it? Is Elena meant for Stefan or Damon? Check out the promo above for tonight's new episode ("The Hybrid") and then weigh in: Do you wanna see Delena come to fruition on season three?

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do u think dis is fair,stefan is there trying to distract klaus from killing elena,damon and everyone in mystic falls bt they(elena and damon)r there having strng feelings 4 eachothere,they r going to suffer the consequences and if i may ask why must it be damon and elena,y nt damon and katherine since it's d same person and he's obsessed with her and they share sumtin in common(being evil)and also y nt stefan and elena coz they share sumtin in common too(being good)


I hope they won't make the same mistake as True Blood. You can't just tease a couple for a few seasons and then let nothing happen. (Or ruin it with bad story telling.)
I don't care if Elena and Damon are "endgame" or not, but in this season they should definitely hook up.


Okay I might get hated for saying this...but I don't want Damon and elena to ever get together not because I am a stelena fan (because i like Damon way better!!)
But because no matter what they do if they get together it will never live up to the fans expectation of how they want the couple to be and the main driving point of the show is to tease in a way... After that then what can happen? She can't ever be completely with Damon (damn stefen) because it wouldn't be Elena to do that. Maybe if/when she grows more as a character?? But now even when stefen is all incognito with klaus it won't happen because Elena wouldn't do that to the person she loves unless her and Stefan had a major confrontation but still even then I am doubtful!
Anyways enough of my ramblings.... Just wondering if anyone else sees it like I do?? Or if I'm just crazy haha


elena belongs to stefan nt damon and hw do u(delena)just expect elena and damon to end up together,did u see any running theme here,if stefan come back,wat do u expect them to tell him"sorry stef,we'r together nw,and we luv each other" that's nt right,stefan become what he's nw coz of damon.Damon can't make elena happy the way stefan does,he always screw things up and he's very impulsive and mst of all doesn't care about the ppl elena luvs.Stefan and Elena r made for each other.


@heather how dare you compare this pseudo ship to spuffy. lol


Rachel: YOU had the only epic comment here. Out of context, do u really think delena or stelena or forwood etc wilk not grow and change? Cmon its diaries about the lives of vampires not a single lovestory. Stelena isn't compelling enough to last. Elena wont be human forever and guess what she wont be a teen forever or so saintly when she's a vamp. Delena will be endgame because its a twist in the plot. The brother so unlucky in love wins the girl instead of mr "always gets the girl" Stefan. Its Pacey and Joey all over again. Spike and Buffy.....things change. She loves stefan but will fall in live with damon. Delena endgame

Uncle jackass

To be honest after reading the comments here, I can truthfully say that we aren't as easily manipulated or the mindless drones that the media want us to believe. Some good intelligent responses to knowing that Ian's comments were out-of contexts. This is just typical editorializing. Is Elena and Damon ever going to get together? Ans: Yes. But at the rate they are going they are either going to destroy the fan base with the "Moon light effect" (See bones for ref) or with Elena's self righteous personality (remember the days where it became exhausting to like Buffy). @Lulu, Absolutely agree with you points; as with how the books took on that Delena saga. It was only when Elena turned to a vampire that she "fell" for Damon. Mainly because for the first time in all her life she didn't feel the responsibility to burden others. Can't wait for that impending Saga...


I know how I want Delena. When Elena eventually turns into a vampire (you know it has to happen) she will remember what Damon compelled her to forget. Damon compelled her to forget that he loves her, but can't be selfish. That will be the first thing she remembers, so she will be infatuated with Damon. Therefore they can hook up, it wouldn't necessarily be all her fault (she's not in the right state of mind), and it would be TEMPORARY. I think if they (D&E) starting actually dating (which Damon isn't capable of) Elena would be mean (dating her ex's brother) and Damon would have to change and betray Stefan (dating his brother's ex). Just my opinion :)


I really hope that not so

Fcuk dair go chair 3

delena ftw =D

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