Desperate Housewives Season Premiere Sneak Peek: We Tell No One...

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We're not criminals. We drive carpool!

The final season of Desperate Housewives will get off to a secretive start, at least according to the following sneak peek, as well as the episode title itself: "Secrets That I Never Want to Know."

What will be the major mystery? Which of the ladies takes charge when everyone else is freaking out? Get your first glimpse at the September 25 installment below:

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What's it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like ysourelf?

Gaby ee

You can just TELL that is a bad decision! Of course they are gonna get caught.


When the phone Ring I though it was --A LOL, Its going Pretty Little Liars this season!!!!
Bree/Spencer, Gabrielle/Aria, Susan/Hannah and Lynette/Emily

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