Gossip Girl Season Premiere to Reveal "Shocking" Pregnancy

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Who's pregnant on Gossip Girl?

We're still in the dark there, but we do know someone who's not pregnant. As for the character with child, all we know is this is a major bombshell that will be dropped by the end of the season premiere.

TV Line's Michael Ausiello writes only "Prepare to be shocked. I certainly was." That implies a major scandal, doesn't it? Could it be Blair, and if so, who's baby would it be? That's just one theory, of course.

Tell us what you predict below ...

Louis' Fiancee

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I hpe blair s pregnant bt if chuck s the father,girl u lucky


hey guys i am a huge gossip girl fan i practcly stalk them. i do hope its blairs beacuse it means a reson for chuck to keep comming back EVEN though he called her and blairs relashonship to a end. it spices the sory up and blair might finnally get her real prince afterallblair is pregant as she is the only one who had sex and in fact it was chuck unleess louis has finally steped up his game and it seems he hasnt. on the other hand i would count on nate and serena as when they meet in the holidays it gets hot and saucy chuck lands a job as actor and nate thanks to serena but when she gets asked out but the producer bye bye nate as he then finds a new love intrest older and english as i would love and and serena to get togther they were perfect untill dan reined it all like who would go out with thier stop brother its not right but seson 5 is certainly getting hot. xoxo


Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I honestly don't want Blair to be pregnant. If she were to be, I'd much rather it be planned or a pleasant surprise rather than a huge scandal that's going to shake everything up. Although, this is Gossip Girl, and as i recall, "no one likes to be on the ground floor of a scandal like Chuck Bass." I don't see any couple who can top Chuck and Blair. I mean, talk about a love with no limits. Louis is so obviously bland, and Dan will never be able to produce the fireworks that is Blair and Chuck. I would like to see him remain Blair's ally though- without his "longing puppy-dog looks." Dan needs to be with someone who's not involved with someone else for a change. I just hope both Chuck and Blair can straighten out their shit before giving it another go- for good. Because they really are the most reckless, cryptic, captivating, and legendary thing ever to grace Gossip Girl.

Chair fan

It is B who is pregnant because if you go on youtube and type in gossip girl season 5 and then you will find set pictures with B is a dress with a bumb and a long cardigan to try and cover it up. The only question to answer that is left is WHO IS THE FATHER? I trully hope and think its Chuck cos they are the end game. XOXO


The number of people who want Blair pregnant is disturbing. But whatever, if the writers want to take that route. I just find it ridiculous. What Blair doesnt know about the morning after pill?


EEEEE! I just saw the new promo! Now they've gotta do a promo about Serena hinting that she must be pregnant! Or maybe they just figured "F it, they figured it out. There's no surprising them we might as well spill it in the promo." I love Chuck but MAN he seems like a douchbag in the promo. Also, I love how Dan defends the fact that (he thinks) he was the last to kiss Blair therefore the baby must be his LOL I'm know that wasn't the case, that's just how the promo made it look.


your stupidity stuns me. just because the show hasnt SHOWN certain characters haVING SEX, DOESNT MEAN THEY HAVENT. A LOT CAn happen behind closed doors. this speculation wont get us anywhere.This pergnancy isnt something that has necessarily been foreshadowed.all we can do is wait for all to be revealed, and while doing so, watch reruns of happpier chair times. where everything was as simple as being able to mutter a freaking "i love you"

Al in germany

Unless Ausiello uses "shocking" as a synonym for "predictable" I'd suggest this doesn't mean Blair. Of course he could be shilling for the show in return for future scoops. Making Blair pregnant would be the worst call imo. Why would anybody give the show's best character such a millstone around their ankle?


i think is blair because at the end of seoson4 chuck and blair had sex befor chuck gave her to the prince and one of the pics of seoson5 blair stomike looked big


Cb: well rufly have a very cute Story in episode 3! and they really said , VERY CUTE!

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