Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck-Blair-Dan Scandal Alert?

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With the fifth season premiere of Gossip Girl now less than two weeks away, there are whispers of a scandal that will shake things up in a big way - get this - on both the Dan-Blair and Chuck-Blair fronts.

Intrigued yet?

E! teases that in the fourth episode this fall, there's a scene that is "not exactly what it seems" but should make "Chuck-Blair fans and Dan-Blair fans wear an adult diaper just in case. Consider yourself warned."

Also, "Chuck is gonna have a hard time feeling anything this year."

Princess Waldorf

As for Ms. Serena, there's this tidbit: She'll working for a production company that wants to get the rights to a certain book written by a certain someone she knows very well. So there's your tie-in with Dan's book!

What the heck do you make of those crazy Chuck teases, though? Share. Discuss. Help us try to make some sense of where the writers are going to take the story arc of our fair Queen B this season.

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Almost forgot to mention this... Chuck has always been there for Blair he is the reason she still has a Legacy not Dan but Chuck did this...His loves Blair and she Loves Chuck it was in her diary that said it all.... DAN IS A DAMN JOKE


First of all Blair belongs with chick Dan is a want to be who was with sarina he belongs alone and he needs to leave Blair and chuck alone she belongs with chuck and we all know it.... Blair was with Dan like a damn month GET OVER IT people she belongs with chuck since season ONE and if there not together I would have wasted my damn time with this show


up up for Dair!


b and d having sex is just gross and disgusting ugh dair fans are just pathetic


Whoa! It's a threesome!


um...did anyone else see a part in the season 5 preview of an overturned motorcycle and reading this synopsis about Chuck not being able to feel anything, makes me under the impression that maybe he will be getting into a major accident??? wow maybe i am wrong...we will see next monday...I would love to see Blair Pregnant and it turns out to be Dan's...i think DAIR is the way to end things...i know CHAIR fans will be getting ready to throw things at me now but i think it would be a great endgame, cause CHAIR is so overrated and it wouldn't be a great shocker...there has got to be a reason why she can always be herself around Dan.hence who his latest book is actually about. anyways CHAIR or DAIR i cannot quite decide..i love them both but for different reasons.


While I am all for chair, I can't help but like the little dair dynamic. It will bring lots of drama into the show so it'll be fun to watch. Chuck and Blair are endgame so it'll be fun to see Blair/Dan/Chuck drama before then :3


@ chairsupporter: yes it's totally against girl code, I don't care if people say that Serena broke it first when she and Nate drunk slept together, that doesn't mean Blair has to break the code too, this is actually one of my Chuck and Blair non related reasons to not support Dair.


i ship chair totally but .. DAIR is so wrong blair is serenas best friend .. and serena sucks and she fucked nate and watever but ..its totally against girl code.


Dair for season 5!:)

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