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Princess Waldorf
Will Blair marry the prince? Somehow we don't see it, but do you?

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i love blair here. love the face, love the hair, love the dress. :)


love the hair. hate the dress.

Kimberly anne

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blair's hair in this picture. I wish they let her grow it out and bring back the curls, haha.


While I absolutely adore Meeste and think she looks stunning in this photo, she's becoming too thin! :(:(


Princess or not, but she looks absolutely STUNNING in this picture!
And yes, I miss the curly hair, too ;)


dont be jealous !!!
she is Princess! she is WALDORF!! u know WALDORF!!!
she is getting marry with louis , i've heard it!


I so miss her curls


I think it's the ultimate choice for a woman to face. She has three choices, well four actually. She could choose to be a Princess and marry into royalty, while somewhat liking her husband, she's not in love. She can pick Chuck, the love of her life but also unstable. Then there's Dan, the safe and secure guy. He'll be sure to always be there but he's not rich or glamorous. OR she can just be alone like she's been for so long. It's an interesting idea and I think Leighton does a good job of playing it.


Well as i see it she was queen b, and I would say she is the princes of the upper east side and gossip girl. Plus what do u care if they call her a princess? OMG they called her a princes!! the world is going to end...I mean we got it on the other post no need to get if u read the little text under the picture it says "¿Will Blair marry the prince?" If she did she would be a princes so you could say the title is a supposition so...


could you stop saying that she is a princess??? OMFG she isn't a f*cking princess! she is just a rich girl

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