Gossip Girl to Mark 100th Episode With Royal Wedding?

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Gossip Girl, which premieres its fifth season September 26, will reach 100 episodes in January.

The show is pulling out “all the stops” for the big milestone, too, according to Joshua Safran.

“We want to honor the [fact] that it’s the 100th episode,” said the CW show's co-executive producer. “We know that we are very lucky to be coming by it, and we’re going to respect that. So we definitely want to make it feel like it is a special event. Let’s put it this way - it’s not going to be a clip show.”

Princess Waldorf

So what event will take place when Gossip Girl crosses the century mark?

We know from the official synopsis that when Season 5 commences, Blair is in full wedding planning mode, while Chuck is in L.A. (see season premiere promo from earlier). For now, they're apart - literally and otherwise.

But my midseason? That would be a workable time frame for a glamourous royal wedding to be scheduled ... and for Chuck to try to prevent the bride-to-be from becoming Princess of Monaco at the last minute.

That's just our theory. What about yours?

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i don't think it even makes sense to make the momumental 100th ep have the royal wedding of blair to a guest star. esp when we all KNOW blair won't really marry louis anyway. it won't come as a surprise to anyone i think, so why bother putting it in the 100th ep? plus i think the 100th should have a SL that's about more than just one main character. if the wedding is in the 100th then it'll be mostly all about blair, won't it?
and besides, the wedding is scheduled to be in november. so the episode that has it should also air in november and not january, which is when the 100th will be aired...


perhaps it's jenny's return! haha I really hope it :) now seriously, I don't want the 100th episode to be Blair's wedding, it should be a story that involves everyone

Gaby ee

I hope the writers bring it next season. And the 100th episode should better be amazing! We all know Blair won't marry Louis, but the show should at least try to play it off nicely and interestingly.


If the baby is Evelyn's (and I'm betting that it is), then that isn't an event worthy of the 100th episode. If the wedding is in November, for the purposes of the show, then it should air in November, for real. After all, it IS sweeps month. Blair won't marry Louis, anyway, but I don't think Chuck will be the one that stops it. It will be Blair--she has to be the one to call it off--no one else, so she has some chance of saving face. Either something is coming out of left field or we are going to get served with some tripe.


@Uncle Jackass: How surprising! I wouldn't be surprised if the 100th episode does involve Nate marrying a woman, considering ALL of his storylines revolve around him being in a relationship with a woman.

Uncle jackass

I wonder how irritated if it is Nate and Fake Charlie marrying in episode 100?


Blair will never marry Louise. please man! Chuck and Blair will end up together but it will take some time...


I hope that Dan and Serena finally get married in the 100 ep! That would be a nice twist! xOxO


It’s all gone too far, I mean come on we all know that Blair won’t marry Louis, she will go back to Chuck in the end, but why waste so much time on planing a wedding that isn’t even going to happen? And btw I hate the writers for doing this. I always thought that in season 5 Blair was going to plan her wedding with Chuck, but that isn’t happening, so that’s why i’m not watching the show this season, or at least not the first half...


it has to be one of those epic moments type episode that i so enjoy. i dont think its the wedding, and personally i think hopefully its not. i would like to see something epic happen for chair but thats my opinion.

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