Gossip Girl to Mark 100th Episode With Royal Wedding?

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Gossip Girl, which premieres its fifth season September 26, will reach 100 episodes in January.

The show is pulling out “all the stops” for the big milestone, too, according to Joshua Safran.

“We want to honor the [fact] that it’s the 100th episode,” said the CW show's co-executive producer. “We know that we are very lucky to be coming by it, and we’re going to respect that. So we definitely want to make it feel like it is a special event. Let’s put it this way - it’s not going to be a clip show.”

Princess Waldorf

So what event will take place when Gossip Girl crosses the century mark?

We know from the official synopsis that when Season 5 commences, Blair is in full wedding planning mode, while Chuck is in L.A. (see season premiere promo from earlier). For now, they're apart - literally and otherwise.

But my midseason? That would be a workable time frame for a glamourous royal wedding to be scheduled ... and for Chuck to try to prevent the bride-to-be from becoming Princess of Monaco at the last minute.

That's just our theory. What about yours?

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Blair said that the wedding would be in november. so i think that SOMEONE's baby will born in January!!!!!!!


Why do the creator/writers of this show try to be cryptic with it's constant subliminal messages of trying to make us read between the lines, when it's obvious that this show is nothing but a stereotypical love story, with the addition of unrealistic young adults at the age of 20/21, who act like they've had REAL experiences in life that were traumatizing, when clearly they haven't? This show jumps the gun on so many occasions that I can see why the ratings have decreased so severely. How can these 20/21 year old adults have such a cunning, manipulative (and possibly sociopathic tendencies - Chuck Bass anyone?) natures? The show was bad enough when it was only Blair, Chuck and Lilly, who were truly untrustworthy, but to see characters like Dan, Jenny and Vanessa change over in a course of two seasons is not only disgusting, but a horrible turn-over and explains why so many people turned on Jenny and Vanessa, as people didn't like what they had become. Rufus himself is on his way of becoming the opposite of who he is, while Nate (how shockingly) will get involved with ANOTHER woman, as the characters have lost control of his character and don't know what to do with him. This boy may not be cunning, but he sure falls for the type. As for Serena, well, I could write an essay on how her character is the worst character to hist the screens of television, but I wouldn't waste my time. God help me! I don't know if it's the fact that this show makes me laugh my ass off every time it's on or if it's someone slipping drugs into my food, but I really want to give up on this show! I thought One Tree Hill was bad, but this show really takes the cake!

Uncle jackass

@kendz23, mind games? That would surely reduce ratings? Then again, maybe the producers/writers are laughing at us...


all i know is that sometimes.... i think... GG writers do all the things that we don't want to happen...but then tease as coz later they gave what we want and then change it...then give it...then take it..well. it won't be a series if they just gave us what we want... am I ryt..or am I ryt..


Everybody dies in Gossip Girl! Jk.




Please be a massacre like Dynasty.


Great idea! Honoring the 100th episode with a royal wedding!


Blair and Rufus.


They wouldn't even bother making a dvd boxset that year. Nobody would buy it.

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