Gossip Girl to Mark 100th Episode With Royal Wedding?

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Gossip Girl, which premieres its fifth season September 26, will reach 100 episodes in January.

The show is pulling out “all the stops” for the big milestone, too, according to Joshua Safran.

“We want to honor the [fact] that it’s the 100th episode,” said the CW show's co-executive producer. “We know that we are very lucky to be coming by it, and we’re going to respect that. So we definitely want to make it feel like it is a special event. Let’s put it this way - it’s not going to be a clip show.”

Princess Waldorf

So what event will take place when Gossip Girl crosses the century mark?

We know from the official synopsis that when Season 5 commences, Blair is in full wedding planning mode, while Chuck is in L.A. (see season premiere promo from earlier). For now, they're apart - literally and otherwise.

But my midseason? That would be a workable time frame for a glamourous royal wedding to be scheduled ... and for Chuck to try to prevent the bride-to-be from becoming Princess of Monaco at the last minute.

That's just our theory. What about yours?

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Writers: There you go GG fans, NOBODY gets what they want! Bwahahaha!


You know I'm going to lmfao if Blair ends up marrying Louise, lives happily ever after, the end. Not what I want, just funny.


I'm thinking "Say Yes" has some meaning behind it!

Uncle jackass

I'm just hoping that Blair is the one that stops the wedding. Gotta give some props to the character to realise that you don't need to get wed-lock to become successful. Alas, we might be amidst a soap opera...


And I trust that it will be dramatic and, of course, at the altar.


Because it would take more than 1 person to stop a ROYAL WEDDING. Not that it could be done in real life :p


I'll bet both Dan AND Chuck stop Blair's wedding.


@S: that's funny, if you have been in this forum more you would know that I have never asked for Dan's death, never approved of Dan's bashing, and I want him with Serena.


ENOUGH WITH CHUCK AND BLAIR. The only one who should be stopping her wedding is Dan.


@pty That's funny. You never seem to mind when girls cry out for Humphrey's death.

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