Grey's Anatomy Review: So Long, Zola?

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Now this, TV Fanatics, is what I call a solid hour of Grey’s Anatomy

"She's Gone” was the second hour of GA premiere night, and it definitely delivered. An intense case, tension and drama between the doctors, and relationship development. This is exactly how I like my Thursday evenings. 

Jackson, Cristina, Alex and April

Goodbye Zola. Looks like Meredith’s disappearing act, on top of lying about her job, caught up with her. Social Services came and took our precious MerDer McBaby away from us. All I’m saying is, she better give her back. The Derek being pissed storyline needs to go, but Meredith will not be able to lose Zola on top of everything else. This will put her at a whole new level of dark and twisty. 

Alex stepping up for Meredith was a class act. Granted, it’s the least he can do, but there is nothing better than when Alex the Underdog shines like he did. 

Jackson is the Gunther. Who knew? Avery remained calm and cool throughout the Gunther test. Now if only we could get his shirt off more often, he might move up the ranks as favorite resident. 

Dealing with the Unexpected. The Cristina/Owen/Baby arc is a touchy subject for a network show to cover. Without getting into details/opinions of the situation, let’s just say this gave Sandra Oh another chance to excel. It also provided the best quote of the hour:

Owen: You'd cut off my leg for me wouldn't you?
Cristina: Well, I wouldn't botch it like that guy did. I'd leave you with a nice stump so you could get prosthesis. | permalink
C-Yang Action

Chief Webber? More like Best Faux Dad/Best Boss Ever. Time and time again the Chief has gone out of his way to protect Meredith and here he did it again. Although I could sense it was coming, I couldn’t have been more pumped when he insisted that it was Mer protecting him and he tampered with the clinical trial. He’s almost at the end of his career, so he doesn’t have much to lose, but the way he cares for Meredith, he would have done this anytime for her. 

“You Crazy B*tch!” Put your hands up if you thought that Christina accidentally stabbing Karev was a highlight of this episode!! It was a classic Grey’s moment in an episode that was otherwise filled with tension and worry.

Bailey's New Haircut

On a side note, Lexie and Jackson need to end things. They barely had any scenes together and he has much more chemistry with April. Jackson needs to go ahead and get on the new Chief Resident, sending Little Grey back into the arms of the Mark. By the way, Sloan is officially the HOTTEST DILF ever. Hands down. No questions asked. 

Premiere night is officially over and we have been served with two solid episodes of our favorite doctor drama. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Glad Alex has worked things out with his friends or should he still be exiled? Should Mer and Der get Zola back? Sound off below and then head over to the quotes section to check out the best from the Grey’s Anatomy two hour premiere.

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I like the episodes but disappointed in a few things. Derek's behavier is totally out of character. All the stuff he put up with Meredith in the past, he would not have walked away from her when they lost their baby. Bailey, who was that woman. That wasn't the Bailey we all love from the last 7 seasons. She loved her interns/residents. The Chief was acting very weird. I liked the Chief the way he was in the first 3 season, authoritive, macho, in control. I know he is taking the fall for Meredith but a big hospital would never buy that. Again the writers must be new. They don't have the right feeling about these characters. And, if they are going to make Derek an ass the whole season, just so we won't be mad when he leaves, forgot about it. If they treat Patrick badly, I will never watch this show or another Shonda Rhimes show again, and if she says she has no control over his leaving, tell that some other person who is going to believe that....


@ Maureen, I guess I missed something because I don't remember Meredith getting the results of the gene study. Can you tell me the episode to confirm she has the gene for alzheimers so I can re-watch? You have a point and I would agree with you if Derek's anger was about Meredith's health but that doesn't seem to be the case. He is pissed that she messed with his trial to save Adele because she did not follow the rules. She went gray on him again and didn't display perfect black and white least that's what he's harping on. If Derek was upset because she ruined his chance to save her, he should articulate that because he hasn't to date and I can't be certain Derek understands that. He's complaining about not being able to understand her, to trust her, her morals (as if he's a moral compass!) and he's telling Owen he doesn't care how she's doing. That doesn't sound like a man concerned about her health. Even if he didn't say it to Meredith, we should hear him tell Owen that Meredith killed his shot at saving her and now he's helpless. Let the audience in on how he feels as a husband because the current dialogue is making him a self righteous butthole.


Maureen - we don't know if Mer has the gene or not. Remember Derek asked her not to have the test run? I get why he's upset, but doesn't give him the right to say the horrible things he's said to Mer over the course of the show.


@ Meredith McDreamy I was thinking everything you said. Great episodes tonight!


Alex is my favorite character, even if he is a jerk sometimes, but I found it hilarious when Christina accidentally and temporarily killed Alex. His reaction when he woke up, and the fact that he seemed scared of Christina was just great. I wonder if the underlying arrhythmia that caused his heart to stop is going to be his storyline for this season. That would make sense why they are bringing his family on for this season.


Are these reviews written by a sex-crazed teenage girl? I find Mark and Jackson to be as attractive as the next woman does, but that's not why I watch the show or read the reviews here. The line about Mark being a DILF, especially. It has nothing to do with the episode, and is something you should be writing in your personal blog, not here. These two reviews for the premire were awful. Less sex and pictures, and more insightful words please. The review is titled 'So Long, Zola?', but all we get is five awful sentences about the Zola story line.


Most people seems to forgot why Derek is pissed with Meredith.
He is trying to save her life. Remember she is the one with Alzheimer in her genes. And the Clinical Trial was hope for a cure for the disease. If you all remember a few seasons ago when Derek was in the running for chief; and when he was ask why he wanted to be chief, he couldn't describe how he saw himself in ten years. He was more concerned with Meredith than his future. Now when she tampered with the clinical trial, which if actually do well - it would save her life. Meredith is basically committing suicide in from him.
So I totally get why he is so upset. As Owen told Meredith last season that she is reckless with her life. I do believe he is right. But Meredith also has very genuine kind side to her. She will sacrifice her own life for others. For instance telling the shooter in season six to kill her instead of Derek. Season two when the grab the bomb in the patient's body. Now she wants to save Adele life, she is willing to sacrifice to her career to save another person's life. I could go on about the many things she has done. But if you are true Grey's fan you will understand. So I totally understand why Derek is upset. Its time Meredith take care of herself and maybe realize that she can't save everyone.


I don't think anyone could take Dereks place. He is my favorite . I actually hope no one leaves the show. This is the best show on tv.


Jackson and April has more chemistry than Jackson and Lexie!? Really? Where did that even come from? JA barely had scenes the last 2 seasons compared to JL. Wow. Way to pimp ML.


Derek is a jerk. Meredith should read him the riot act - she's too strong a personality to put up with his BS. He had no feelings at ALL and I know he is not THAT moral. Dreaminess loses it's touch when a true personlity reveals itself. Bring in a new Derek.

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