How I Met Your Mother Season Premiere Sneak Peek: Barney's Wedding Day!

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We're just days away from the wedding of Barney Stinson. Sort of.

On Monday's How I Met Your Mother season premiere, we'll flash forward to the day many viewers never thought they'd see: the marriage of Barney to... someone. Yes, the bride remains a mystery. But you can get your first look at the monumental event below.

What makes Barney so anxious over a simple necktie? Here's a hint: it's not about the necktie.

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I believe that Barney will marry Robin but at the same time I think Quinn is a good canidate as Barney's Bride.


Okay barny might be marrying robin definetly not nora becuz he cheated with robin and broke up with nora for robin. So its definetly 50/50 for robin. Some people say robins the mom not, robin cant have kids and the future ted calls her aunt robin. The real moms name is Tracy, Ik this because in a episode in like the first season Ted was a thankgiving stripper place and meet a stripper whos name is Cindy, but says its acually Tracy. and then jokes to his kids that thats how he met their mother. So obviously the kids know their own moms name.


It's obviously Robin, in 'The Leap' when he tells Ted he's in love with robin, he says almost the exact same thing except instead of saying tie he says suit.


Hello? The stripy tie is the one he wore on his first date with Nora! Clearly marrying Robin.


i hope barney and robin ends up together too.. but from this, i get the feeling he is talking about nora, in the sense that he's gonna marry her.. i think she's the black tie, because she's conventional, skinny, and does not boss barney around.. whereas robin is the striped tie because she's unconventional, nora's skinnier, and robin somehow brings a variety to his life.. also.. she already bosses barney around.. so that's it.. :(


MOST HILLARIOUS show....compared to this...shows like nurse jackie, californication, hung are just stupid..dont even know why they are in this genre???they are not comedy...


I hope he gets married to Nora. I like her, and I didn't think Robin and Barney worked out that well as a couple to be honest


I hope that it is not Robin i don't like then tougher at all!!!!


@ shir;
You're not the only one; come on? Stripes on your wedding day??!


barney is just adorable

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Barney: Ladies and gentlemen, I have in my hand a copy of tonight's Top Ten list. The category: top ten things I would've called my truck...
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