How I Met Your Mother Sneak Peeks: Betting with Barney

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On Monday night's new episode of How I Met Your Mother, the gang tries to come up with the ex-girlfriend that Ted reunited with on "The Naked Truth."

Was it the girl who gave him throw pillows? The girl he allegedly had a threesome with? The options are aplenty, and the gang runs through them all in the following sneak peek.

Then, Lily and Barney agree to a wager that makes the meaning of the installment itself clear: Ducky Tie. Watch both clips now:

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Awesome :D


@Mina007 - probably because she knows who the girl is. In the last episode, she was in the same party that Ted saw one of his ex-girlfriend, Victoria.


Robin didnt say anything in the first clip since she is one of his ex as well :D .. love those two clips, cant wait for monday!!!


what the hell is with marshalls tie and robins top there horrible!


I wonder why Robin isn't participating in the first one....
I can't imagine Barney with that tie for one day, let alone one whole year


both clips are hilarious! I like the first a little more but I can't wait for the net ep! HIMYM rules!

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