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How Will Brennan Adjust to Pregnancy?

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Who says pregnancy and crime solving aren't a perfect fit?

Probably no one, but it doesn't look like they are. At least not right away. We know Brennan isn’t having the easiest go of it. But will "the new normal" become one she's more comfortable with in time?

Or, will it lead to more growing pains (pun intended)?

It's certainly going to be an adjustment for Temperance, given this new reality she's living in. How will she handle carrying the baby and her Jeffersonian duties? It should make for some interesting storylines.

Booth seems to be handling it fairly well at least, according to the first promo:

Tell us how you think she'll do when the series returns for its slightly abbreviated seventh season November 3. Be sure to visit our Bones spoilers section for much more on the new season!

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Why haven't you posted the promo and instead keep postng the preview???!
Thank God you're not the only website i check for spoilers...


I guess I don't understand how she can continue her work, both in the field and in the lab, without so many precautions that they inhibit her duties. There's got to be a lot of elements that she shouldn't be exposed to, as well as the physical limitations on her.


Booth needs those breathing lessons... hang on he's not pregnant!

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