Ian Somerhalder Previews Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries, The Evolution of Damon

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At Comic Con in July, I had the pleasure of interviewing Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Joseph Morgan and Candice Accola on The Vampire Diaries video line.

Alas, with time running out before the show's panel discussion in front of thousands of fans, Ian Somerhalder never made it down to me. I spotted the actor at a roundtable with other journalists, however, and walked over to place my tape recorder in front of him.

Somerhalder greeted me with a fist pound, pulled a chair over next to him for me and proceeded to answer questions with insight and passion. Excerpts from the interview are below.

A Drink with Damon

Will we see a new Damon on season three?
He’s fighting against what he truly is, and that’s what makes the story dynamic. He is an anti-hero. He doesn’t know how to do all this stuff, so I think he’s going to have some trials and tribulations.

Ultimately, he’s not happy with the way things have turned out. He tried, for two seasons, to get his brother to do what he wanted him to do, which is to be what he is. He wants them to just eat and destroy everything in their paths. Now, Stefan is running around with a guy that Damon hates and tried to kill him.... He’s just sitting there, thinking to himself, “This sucks!” But, I think he’s going to rise to the occasion.

What about the finale kiss between Damon and Elena?
I keep hearing about this “passionate kiss.” I don’t know if anyone saw, but he was also pale white, sweating profusely and bleeding. There wasn’t anything very passionate about it, so I don’t know how much I would read into that, although I do know that he remembers it.

How does Damon's struggle mirror that of the actor?
A lot of stuff that Damon goes through is super-cathartic for me, as an individual, and it’s not always pretty. You’re muddying the water, all the time. You’re pulling from all these things in your life that are not necessarily good. It’s basically like getting paid for therapy. Instead of laying on someone’s couch and telling them about how you feel, you’re internally pulling all this stuff.

The Vampire Diaries returns on September 15 and you better believe TV Fanatic will cover every development of the premiere with a detailed, in-depth review.

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watching dis i hv become a vampire too............i crawl for the next season


This character is amazing and I truly hope he finally gets his lady. A lifetime of second place finishes to his"perfect" brother. Truth is, I started watching for him. You can't help but root for the underdog who's never had real love. I kno deep down that delena will be the ultimate slow build. Stelena fans (the few left) are terrified already. Delena has already begun. Our dear Elena is growing up and will need more then puppy love. She will feel guilty but she will be IN love with Damon. She will deny it and fight it but its futile. Delena endgame

David and sabrina 2014

This is real big to see Ian Somerhalder spill out more of the details of season 3. I probably think that all this info makes Delena fans hurl with screaming and boy will it go nuts. What I mostly want is to find out the events throughout the entire season and be ready for its arrival. It's only a week away and I can't wait any longer XD =) =P


team damon i don't no nothin' about the kiss but i do no he's the the best actor there is


guys, don't forget there's another hot ripper vampire in town named Stefan Salvatore. he's the reason that i keep watching this show. can't wait to see how nut he would be!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaby ee

I can't wait for next season! I loved the kiss, even if it wasn't really passionate.

Uncle jackass

Actually, the best moment for the "Kiss" should have been the "Gone with the Wind" scene with the flashbacks of Katherine to realising it was Elena. But instead we got a bite to the neck; how TrueBlood.


I agree with everyone above me you said it wasn't a passionate or romantic kiss. He was sick, dying, icky and she kissed him cuz he was gonna die. She had a feeling/knew how much he cared for her...so she thought well i better at least give him a good-bye kiss. There's nothing more to it. Team Damon & Ian for LIFE


I have to agree with Ian, that kiss wasn't passionate. He was in pain, sweeting, throwing up blood...that was anything but passionate...it was cute though...


I loved the kiss, i dont car how sweaty or pale he was. It was true kiss. Cant wait for sept 15th 2011

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