Jenny's Absence Will Be "Addressed" on Gossip Girl

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With Taylor Momsen done with acting, it's safe to say we've seen the last of Jenny.

It's Gossip Girl, of course, so you can never rule anything out. But don't expect an appearance this season by Little J, who was scarcely seen in Season Four and will probably not be a part of the show any longer.

But, it’s not like the show will pretend like she never existed.

The Vixen Returns

According to TV Line, her absence "will be addressed" in the season premiere (see promo and pics). What do you think the producers have in mind for her? Something generic? Something far more funny?

Share your best ideas for what Jenny's up to in the comments below!

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yeh i like that idea jenny to be pregant by chuck would be a great story line


I miss Jenny Humphrey, she brought something from season 1 to s3 and 4. Though she became a sl*t, she seems lost and lonely somehow.
If she would be pregnant... That would break the Chair magic at some point.
I just can't get myself to like Dan and Blair together.
Chair for ever!


Jenny is pregnant and wants to raise her kids away from Upper east side.
You read it here first folks.


Maybe Jenny is the pregnnt one. That would be a shocker ;D


God, so glad she's gone.


hey gossip girl crew knows its thing.way to go!!!


jenny was my favourite character and it's no surprise that taylor momsen left because gossip girl is slowly going down the drain so to speak. who knows what they'll say, probably something negative. i saw a YT vid where an amazing vidder showed jenny as a rockstar singing one of her awesome songs and dan and nate's reactions - i hope jenny becomes the most successful out of them all.


I think Jenny went all super-goth (oh, wait, she already did that) and went to some far- off country to get high all the time and spread her legs for everyone's boyfriends (just like with Blair and Chuck Season 3) and become a prostitute never to be heard from again. HA


It's a shame the writers of Gossip Girl made such a mess of the Jenny and Vanessa characters. And the loss of two very talented actresses is not going to help this increasingly sick series.


Jenny will probably be off at some college far away with Eric. lol

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