Lucy Hale Tweets Tease of "Epic" Ezria Scene

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Pretty Little Liars will air a special Halloween episode on October 19, but that will be the last we see of this ABC Family hit until early 2012.

Fortunately, though, Lucy Hale is here to offer up an intriguing tease. The actress Tweeted the following photo yesterday, accompanied by the caption: a picture from what i consider to be the most epic ezria scene to date...wont air until next yr...but a little preview ;)

An epic Ezria scene? To what could she be referring? There's no way this couple gets engaged... right?

Lucy Hale Twit Pic

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i hate ezria. something about the whole adult-dating-teen makes me mad. i think its just wrong!


I watch this show because of Ezria. I just hope it's not a dream sequence or something. I highly doubt it's a proposal though.


I hope it's a scene after they've come forward to Aria's parents and Ella says something like, "Get out of my house!", to Ezra and, "I can't even look at you right now!", to Aria and then Aria runs after Ezra and says that no one can keep them apart or something like that :P


Ezria 4ever, i hope that she tells her parents that she isn't giving him up, then goes to him and reestablishes their love convincing him to fight for their relationship, then a long passionate kiss is in order.


where were they in this scene? it seemed xtremely romantic!! i hope this would be first time they made out in public!! it's time u proved u're a couple, Ezria!! as for Lucy/Ian, kinda a hint, guys!! they've hooked up on set all the time with feelings for each other in real life (i can recognize that). i hope they will be an item as soon as the second half of season 2 comes out!

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