Necessary Roughness Review: "Baggage Claim"

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Everyone was busy NOT sleeping with one another on the latest Necessary Roughness. Indeed, "Baggage Claim" gave us very little action, yet a whole lot of potential for more.

TK's in love or at least as close as TK has ever been to it. But Vivica wouldn't sleep with him. Smart girl, considering TK's known to go through women like the rest of us go through tissues. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had a date that didn't end with breakfast.

Evander Holyfield on Necessary Roughness

TK was so confused he not only talked to Dani but he even went to Matt for advice.

I've grown to love the scenes between Matt and TK. Have you ever gotten the feeling that the actors were having a great time at their jobs? That's every scene between these two characters and their sense of fun is contagious.

I couldn't believe that Ray gave Dani a singing bass when they got engaged. No wonder they're getting divorced. 

I've waited all season for Dani's mother to grow on me but it just hasn't happened, which is a shame because I generally like the actress. There's just something about this role that's turned me off.

Elsewhere, the patient of the week was the Martha Stewart of hoarding. Heck, even the stuff she hoarded was all so well organized and labeled. I wish my storage room looked so good.

So what was with Nico and Mrs. Pittman's torrid non-affair?!? Nico didn't sleep with her. He said he'd spent the night in the chair but it sounds like it's happened in the past. Was anyone else wondering if he felt attached to Juliette solely because of his feelings for her mother or could there be another reason? 

And finally the chemistry between Dani and Matt was back full force. It had been missing for half the season and I'd begun not to care about the couple but it didn't take much to get me back in the game. That kiss he gave her, as though he had to ramp up his courage to do so, was sweet and had just enough heat to make me want to see more.

So with one more episode of Necessary Roughness left, it's time to ask again: Team Matt or Team Nico? Will the latter pull off an upset on the finale?

Who do you want Dani to date?


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Jody, Completely with you. Matt is there for Dani. He clearly is very into her whereas with Nico you get the sense that between on Pittman or other, Marshall or Gabrielle he will have divided loyalties and priorities. Plus Matt makes her laugh. She can use the happy


I'm in Team Nico, definitely!
I see the way Nico looks at Dani, the way he smiles...
I think it is obvious, that he is intrigued by her.
So why they can't just be together one day, hugh?


I guess i am one of the few that isn't seeing the whole Dani/Nico relationship. he showed he obviously cares a great deal for Gabrielle Pitman and Dani and Nico have never had the chemistry and tension that Dani and Matt have. Its been evident in every episode. Matt can never take his eyes off Dani, even for the brief time he was back with Laura. If you looked close enough in the episode where Dani sets the TK boundaries with her kids, earlier in the episode when they are all with Coach Purnell in his office Matt keeps looking over at Dani, and he was with Laura at the time. So, I am most definitely a team Matt all the way


Nico still has the hots for Gabby. Just listen to the way he admits that he thinks of her too. It is as if he can't hold it in. Matt got the "go-ahead" from Dani when she told him that he did well in many demos. It was nice to see that he got the message. It probably took a minute to sink in, that's why he turned around and came back. That kiss was his declaration; now he's laid his cards on the table. Dani has a decision to make, can she go forward with this relationship or is she stuck because of her "rules'?


I feel like I'm missing something because I had no doubt that Juliette was Nico's daughter. Maybe I'll rewatch the ep. to see if I missed something. Don't like Dani's mother at all. I think of other tv mothers/mothers-in-law in similar roles. They're humorously annoying whereas Dani's mother seems more like a villain. I think I like TK/Mehcad Brooks more each week. The feeling that the actor's are generally enjoying themselves that Ms. Orlando mentioned seems evident to a certain extent no matter who TK is doing a scene with.


Nico is the mysterious bad boy. We're all drawn to them but ultimately they break our hearts. Hasn't Dani had enough heart break? The dynamic between her and Matt was great. He made her laugh, made her happy, and they have great chemistry. She desrves someone who is completely into her. And now that she has established herself in her own right with the team that shouldn't be a problem either.


I love Nico, and I totally think he's that girl's daddy. What about Nico's shady past? So mysterious! And what about the secret meeting in the hallway with that mysterious contact (Chris Amante?)? Is he a spy? A gangster/football hitman from Nico's shady past? Anyway, he's super cute. (Dani's kids clearly take after their grandma.)


I had also wondered if Juliette was actually Nico's daughter, but she is too old to be a product of a "15 year" indiscretion. Gabrielle said that she made a mistake and married the wrong man, which suggested that she knew Nico before she got married and chose Pittman over him. She also said that she had been thinking about Nico for 20 years, so Juliette could still be Nico's daughter if Gabrielle got pregnant before the marriage. There is also the discrepancy between the 20 years and Nico's 15 years--not sure what happened in those five years. I am a bit disappointed that he helped her cheat on her husband, no matter how awful Marshall Pittman is, but I am not sure what other ungentlemanly behavior he could have been referring too. Still, he almost seemed to be telling her that there were two times, and I would think she would know that. I saw more chemistry between Matt and Dani than before, and I was glad to see him doing more than lusting after her. Still, I think Dani and Nico is a just more dramatically interesting, and I also don't think Matt is right for Dani long-term. But they do have to directly address and resolve the Matt/Dani storyline.


NICO NICO NICO could I make it any more clear what team I am on here


I think there's a love triangle brewing between Matt, Nico and Dani.I would welcome that. Dani's mother's character is unlikeable - not sure if it's the way they write her or her interpretation of the character. I'm really impressed with the way the writers have moved these story lines along and let these actors find their rhythm. Can't way for the finale

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