Parenthood Season 3 Promo: First Footage!

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We have a pretty good idea of what's ahead on Parenthood:

Cee Lo Green will appear as himself; John Corbett will return; and D.B. Woodside will come on board as a love interest for Jasmine (sorry, Crosby).

Now, though, NBC has released the first actual footage from new fall episodes. In the following trailer, we see Kristina and Adam share a cute moment, while Sarah makes a move on Mark and utters the hilarious line: "I kissed him like a starving person who saw a sandwich.”


Yeah, I thought it's wthoiut the H but a lot of fans write it like Nicholas so it was confusing. Yeah, I saw your logo on Tumblr and I LOVE it, so I had to save it in my computer and had to put it as my avatar. =D I just love it. Thank you ! And yes you are right, gurl

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Does anybody have to pee?!


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